Aim for the stars & Dream bigger then the universe. Have ever felt like your life was destined for greatness? GinaJay was born in OC (Orange County), Raised in the I.E a small City better know as the  (Inland Empire) located in Southern California. This active entrepreneur has Dreams bigger then her tiny, big rig, Industrial  city can offer. The one thing her slow pace city does gives her  is comfort.. a sense of peace she can’t seem to leave.  A stretch up the highway ls the very Active  County  Los Angeles,Ca. A City known for many Hollywood Celebrities, Party Goers, Hustlers, Hardworkers & Entrepreneurship’s. What GinaJay Like To Consider Her Work and Play zone. You know how the saying goes “ Work Hard… Play Hard.” Los Angeles Heavily Mainfested Wit Hidden Talent & Also Alot Of Hollywood Dreaming.  Ever Wonder How GinaJay established her career in the music industry?? Early 2014 after undergoing a few surgeries from a job related injury, she re-discovered journaling.  Something she did often in her youthful years. Finding Her Niche On Social Media She Begin Blogging. Her written opinions via Twitter caught the eyes Of Many Celebrities. GinaJay was offered a few opportunities to blog for a few website’s. one of the site’s hosted two syndicated radio personalities named “The Durtty Boyz” Out Of ATL. The site represented music, interviews, movements and more. “TheDurttyBoyz” aired on Hot Alanta’s 107.9. After getting The Hang Of blogging , GinaJay created  her own site a year later, Beginning the start of  her new career.  GinaJay  networked endlessly  From the I.E to LA Expressing herself & in entertainment, media, & medical cannabis for the cultures sake. GinaJay a name created from the the start of her social media profiles. The name common yet unique to many stuck & she founded her company around it.  GinaJay.Info, was Est. In early 2015   All while she built up her network & brand. A True Supporter Of The Culture, She has Helped & Genuinely Encouraged The Growth of other’s.  Her hustle was recognized she established a Personal Manager/ PR position for a client with  Diamondlane Music Group . In 2016 GinaJay Joined A Entertainment Platform Called  IamHipHoptv as their standing General Manager, 2017 she advanced to CEO. Mid-Year she was recruited by Slink Johnson aka Black Jesus president of the “SmokeYours Crew.” Also teamed up with some dope ladies from the “Smoking Sisters Society” educating Like Minded people on the art of staying connected in the cannabis community. If You like to keep up with her & her continued growth [Subscribe Now.] Follow close as she networks through a pool of great talent, fashion, Greens, & Good Vibes!!