Yo, What’s Tha Info?

Information is imperative these days.. but we rarely hear it from a real perspective. And we all know an Opinion is a mutha fu*ka. So those Thumbing through podcast thumble no further. Join GinaJay a reputable Cannabis Influencer and community activist as she speaks her mind on some touchy topics from Race, Spirituality, Cannabis, Sex and more press play to explore. 

Episode 1.

Episode 1 Includes…
Your Host GinaJay Will Touch Basis On Pop Smoke, BlueFace & Obama, Cleveland Browns Greg Robinson, Cannabis, Pisces Zodiac Sign, Plan B and more…

Episode 2.

Episode 2 Includes…
Current Events That Occurred From WithIn The Week, Lend me an ear or Two As I pot-cast On highly random Info & my sound on opinion. This week I cover Elizabeth Warren, Vanessa Bryant, Fury Vs. Wilder, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Susan Flower, James Brown, “Hear Me Out” Segment Shoutouts And More… Press Play To Explore!!

Episode 3.

Episode 3 includes…
Conversation about Lil Baby, Master P & Romeo, Oprah, Presidential Elections, Corona-virus, Summer Walker And More Press Play To Explore

Episode 4.

Episode 4 Includes….
Dolly Parton, Sarah Palin, Da Baby, Meg The Stallion, Josie Harris & Floyd Mayweather, Nicki Minaj & Hubby, Coronavirus, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Rudy Gobert, Coachella, Cannabis & Sex….

Episode 5.

Episode 5 Includes…
All Things “COVID-19” aka “CORONA-VIRUS” Donald Trump, Kevin Durant, Idris Elba, Covid-19

Episode 6.

Episode 6 Includes…
More Info. about The Covid-19 And What To Expect During This Quarantine.
“Mature Audience Only”

Episode 7.

Episode 7 Includes…
Information About The Quarantine Lockdown. Updates On Covid-19, Oprah, Takashi 6ix 9ine, Da Baby & Raven Symone, Chef E. Dubble & Cannabis

Episode 8.

Episode 8 Includes…
California Mandates Mask, Rihanna Gives Back, inmate Aaron Campbell, Cannabis, Covid-19, Charlotte Figi, Kenny Smith, Stimulus Package Update.
** Mature Audience Only**

Episode 9.

Episode 9 Includes…
Children And School Districts, Another Possible Stimulus Check, Meditation Being Key, Miss Diddy & Aja Brown Give Back, Loyalty Truth, Flights & More Tune-In To Explore.
** Mature Audience Only**

Episode 10.

Episode 10 Includes…
Covid-19 Progress, Baby News.. Thee Expecting & Delivered, Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Give back to Compton. What Businesses will not be back after quarantine and more Tune-In To Explore.
** Mature Audience Only**