Aim for the stars & Dream bigger then the universe. Have you felt like your life was just destined for greatness? GinaJay is from the I.E a small City better know as the  (Inland Empire) located in Southern California. This active entrepreneur has Dreams bigger then her tiny Industrial wharehouse city. However the slow pace city delivers her a comfort and sense of peace. An hour stretch up the highway lies Los Angeles County, where the “Hollywood” night life resides. GinaJay’s work and play zone, The complete opposite of her hometown. This city is definitely known for its constant movement, which is definitely enhanced by the Hollywood lifestyle.  The hustle bustle city life, and the slow pace movement in the suburbs is a perfect mix for her. Enough city talk, Wonder How She established blogging?? Early 2014 after undergoing a few surgeries from a job related injury, she re-discovered journaling.  Something she use to do often in her youthful years. Social media became her thing, were she dropped off her verbal expressive opinions, and she became quickly noticed. Shortly after writing for a Friends site, she was picked up to blog for another dope website. A Site created by a few radio personalities from Atlanta. Their site represents music, interviews, movements and more. “TheDurttyBoyz” are radio personalities of Hot Alanta’s 107.9. GinaJay drove herself to start a new career, so boldly to the streets of LA she went. Expressing herself in style, entertainment, media,  medical cannabis, & more! GinaJay a name she created from the start of her social media beginnings. The name became quickly respected, so she chose to create her foundation off it.  The birth of a movement GinaJay.Info, Est. in the beginning of 2015.  In the midst of her building & branding, she helped and supported the growth of others, who were in support of her. During the of support of others… she was honored a Personal Manager/ PR position by A Westcoast Artist “StoneyThaDealer.”  A Year and A Half Later, GinaJay’s Footwork Manifested Into Culture Covering. In 2016 She Joined A Entertainment Platform named IamHipHoptv as Their Standing General Manager, A year later she advanced To The VP Position. If You like to keep up with her & growth [Subscribe Now]. Follow close as she networks through a pool of great talent, fashion, Greens, & Good Vibes!!