Live Performance By G Perico | Dubb and his Band w/ Very Special Guest 


Dubb Live

G Perico Live

This past Friday Oct. 29th in Los Angeles,Ca at a place called Los Globos, A few talented Indie artist came together for a show and a cause bigger then their music. Let me start with a salute to | Dubb| for the invite to his Live show. Blending Soulful Conscience Rap with R&B over  live instruments. The show was opened up by |G Perico| another talented Indie Artist from “SoWayOut”. His latest EP is “Tha Innerprize Two”  On iTunes Now, Released March 15, 2015. Dubb’s Perfect Timing” was released on April 21, 2015, he performed cuts like -Middle America- which brought out artist like |Jake And Papa| who Collab on several tracks. Their single “Leave Me” was Released on February 11, 2015,  these two brothas been busy collaborating w/ tons of other artist. Another surprise guest performing,  Mr. “I Got The Juice” himself |Ad|. “Blue 89” by AD was Released on April 23, 2015 and his single mentioned above is killing the airwaves, even my mom swear she got the juice. Dubb and his Band, The openers, and special guest gave the supporters a great performance. The most authentic performance Ive seen, by an indie artist in sometime now. Beyond the music let me share this the room was filled with beautiful people, all kind of races, and the important cause I mentioned earlier, was Crips and Bloods coming together for a greater good Music! Don’t forget to Grab |Dubb| “Perfect Timing” Now!! Continue to support the great Music! We Need more indie’s achieving Dreams, just Believe!


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