Weed Wednesday: 11/07 LA Kush Expo 

So I attended an LA Cannabis Convention this past Saturday called the Kush Expo presented by the |New Era 420 Network| a new era of Networking in a 420 friendly way. This years event was held on the 7th of November, at 333 Live in Downtown, LA. Upon entering  security definitely took the necessary steps for our safety. Venders came out to represent and support the cause. StoneyThaDealer and myself did a bit of networking out there, even did a same day appearance on a show called the “Bad & Laze Show”  greatest time you can find online, Check them out on 319tv.net. Had to introduced them to my #RawDoubleBarrel a tool that Holds 2 Jays/Blunts at one time. A fade 319 cast members should have known I’d bring. Below are a few movements I stopped thru and donated to for providing medical supplies for Patients, Lovers, and Supporters of this 420 Movement! Shoutout to Cavier Gold for stopping thru with there dope setup and extension of gifting! Shoutout to a good friend, A1KrashN for the invite, & keeping the Vibe alive with his live performance, Go Support his single out on iTunes right now |Trap Day by Day|. I also had the Pleasure meeting Young Freq another dope out of state Trap artist, introducing his latest work |Road To Perfection| also out on iTunes . WelI, folks know I sipped my medicated lean and choked off the barrel while grooving it out to some swig’n music. Peep The Scence below! 

Young Freq | Road To Perfection
Richard Harvey Creator of: A creative Warriors Journal

AlKrashN Performed With a Live Band

Don’t miss the next one!! You can Check out this events playbacks on this site below: www.newera420.com

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