Hip Hop Chocolate Created By: Marcus Gray 

How did Chocolate and Hip Hop Save Marcus Gray?  Marcus shares how the two basically saved him in his youth. The video above will explain his movement in futher detail. Marcus has stood by the saying, We are what we eat. He started creating candies with more then its nutritional reads, he created Hip- Hop Candies with a symbolic meaning. Acknowledging the healing chocolate provides as our ancestors once did. So, If music and chocolate makes for a healthy heart?, Then I suggest we get chocolate wasted to some great tunes. I’ve actually had a tasty turntable lollipop before, at Sean Healy Presents “We Book Bands“events! I Love the concepts taste, and the Look. Extending my Love for Hip Hop and Chocolate thru this blog. Checkout all links so you can grow with the movement at www.hiphopchocolate.com and go to at www.indiegogo.com to Help Fund the Cause.

HipHopChocolates | Support the Move
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