Lil Boosie shares shocking info. on his social media

“I need all my fans to pray for me,” Louisiana native Rapper Lil Boosie, 33, also shares “Doctor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys. Prayer is power that’s why I’m letting the world know #prayfaboosie.” Boosie diagnosed with kidney cancer, Revealing this info. to his fans on Nov. 25 via Instagram. TMZ, Reports Boosie’s team had him remove the caption. It’s no secret he’s been battling diabetes for years now. Boosie’s Latest incident occurred in May of 2015 in NYC, he attempted to perform and quickly became ill on stage. This was all due to Boosie missing a dose of his insulin, which was accidentally shipped to the wrong destination. Boosie was released back in March of 2014, after serving a 5 yr. sentence for marijuana possession and violation probation. 2015, not ending with the greatest news for him, let’s remember to extend our prayers for our brother. Faith is knowing the power of prayer. God gives his battles to his strongest warriors, Boosie were praying for you, keep up the fight, you got prayer warriors out here for ya brotha.


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