StoneyThaDealer Interviews on “TheKickBackShow”

This past monday night @8pm StoneyThaDealer went to church on “TheKickBackShow.” Faahz and Dj Swivll giving the most realistic kick back interview ever, Follow them on Now! Sharing this pass holiday and speaking on their Thanksgiving. Stoney shares how he spent his holiday, and what was made especially for him. Excited about new life to come, creating hashtags like #WheresTiana Checkout out the brief clipping on YouTube. The interview was very authentic, playing a game called “what’s in your cup,” which contained a cup full of questions. Faahz Giving Stoney a pass on the cup challenge. Speaking on their day to day grinds and how the Deala, deals. Spinning several dope Tracks by Stoney and a few of his label mates Problem & BadLucc from “Diamond Lane Music Group.” Stoney shared the love for his label mates considering them a family. He spoke on losing his two best friends, one now deceased, which gave the song “White Riviera” life Stoney shares. He shares the car he spoke on had belonged to his friend that passed. Also losing a Bestfriend who was sentenced to  quite a bit of time. In some form Problem and BadLucc have filled in where Stoney has lost. Both artists are showing him brotherly love. I suggest you Prepare yourself for a DiamondLane take over. All artist have been collaborating in & out of house with all types of talented artist, their new artist StoneyThaDealer is definitely showing he can deliver.


StoneyThaDealer on the “KickBackShow”


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