Blac Chyna “ClapsBack” on former Best Friend Heather Sanders

It appears to be a clap back season, and The shaderoom is having a field day with it it! This video of  collected clapback takes place when Heather Sanders, Blac Chyna’s former best friend and an unknown male make a video laughing about hair implants. No specific individual was mentioned but one specific person responded and oh boy did Blac Chyna clapback. The drama escalates as the two respond to each other’s videos on SnapChat. Ripping each other apart with words, Heather seems to be waiting on a fade from her old bestie. Ladies sticks, stones, punches, and low blows do nasty after Christmas. Futher more any ladies crediting their doctors work, over their Creators sounds so absurd. You can check out the two Hit Low, Below! 

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