Dental Exams Are A Must! 


 Recently having a oral surgery myself, I want my readers that hate the dentist to take heed, save face, get an exam. Dental visits only become costly the longer you wait, the pain in your head and pocket double. Conquer your fears dentist have changed these days. Outside of your regular hygiene rituals such as flossing, brushing, and xtreme rinising, remember checkups are definitely necessary! Locate a dentist office near you, and invest in your pearly whites. 


Marshawn Lynch |Beast Mode| Brand and Jeep create 24 Special Whips 

Marshawn Lynch

Dopeness an NFL RB from the Seattle Seahawks by the name of  Marshawn Lynch, is always making big moves. Recently connecting with McLoughin Jeep of Oregon to create 24 limited edition vehicles. 24 special whips, like the number represented on his jersey. Lynch will be donating the most revenue to his charity called #FamilyFirst. I so Love the spirit of this man. Lets all wish him a beasty comeback next season! CheckOut Tmz’s link for more pics and info.


Beast Mode | Jeep | Limited Edition

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