Game, Meek, Big Sean, Diddy, Eminem & More Help out Flint Michigan

I must agree with community advocates that feel Flint residents are victims of “environmental racism” in my opinion much like Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005. Has Flint, Michigan been neglected because it is 57% black and 41.5% poor??? The NAACP shared this statement.”Would more have been done, and at a much faster pace, if nearly 40 percent of Flint residents were not living below the poverty line? The answer is unequivocally yes.” NAACP President and CEO Cornell Brooks drew a direct equation between Flint’s socioeconomic factors and the toxic drinking water, and shares via Tweet,“Environmental Racism + Indifference = Lead in the Water & Blood.”  Well let’s Check out all the celebrities that are helping out flint residents in their time of need. Watch this [Video] below from a source called BET BREAKS! 

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