MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP SEASON_4 Are You Watching ? GinaJay’s Summary [READ NOW]

WeTv “Marriage Boot Camp” Season 4 is Drama filled, hope you’re watching! Most people struggle with their own relationships behind close doors. Imagine those doors flying off the hinges and all your personal issues becoming available for the world to see. Whelp, these 5 celebrity couples signed up for a professional evaluation of their rocky relationships. Marriage Boot Camp Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll with help of co-directors Ilsa Norman, David Bishop and Celebrity Judge Toler will work endlessly to help these couples. Episode 5 the couples do a Communication drill for another breakdown. Let me start with whom I feel is most to least affected.

Bezino and Althea:


Accustomed to reality Tv I’m still trying to configure if their just good at keeping up the Drama, are they just really not meant for each other. For the first couple episodes I started to fault Zino, as I watch further on Althea really has her own issues. Recently revealing their secret this past episode, as expecting Parents. Althea seems to be non-chalant about the pregnancy. For one it takes two to argue, and so both are faulted for their short tempers. Benzino wants change, while Althea is working to head home. Congrats on the Baby you two!

Mama June and Suga Bear:


I felt Suga Bear had no voice, and Mama June attacks from feeling deceived by Suga’s infidelities. Suga Bear seems to have an addiction, he reveals he’s even experimented with the same sex. The wild part is Mama knows better, meaning she knows all Suga has to tell. I feel Mama June has to be willing to forgive, move forward or move on. They have children that are affected behind their choices! Family counseling as a whole should be suggested. Well wishes to these two!

Sarah and Ink:


From the jump I was team “No Ink” he seemed chauvinistic and came off as a pig, like women are his play pen. The lastest episode exposed that Sarah had gave Ink trust issues. Ink has trust issues with women period, so he sets up a block were hurt can’t enter. They both are guilty of creating trust issues. Sarah’s open door policy of sharing women with ink fueled a monster, she can’t tame. Unless she wants to become a sister wive, she’s gotta know her self worth, and be content with being enough. Congrats on winning the exercise. I actually have hope for these two.

Sundy and Cedric Carter:


These two have made it 2nd to last, As I watch on, I realize Cedric truly loves Sundy unconditionally, only it doesn’t seem reciprocated. Cedric is a peace maker by nature really and doesn’t argue to much. The two coupling on and off for almost 20yrs, have at least figured out when to cut the argument short. Sundy makes sure her point is clearly made. She often speaks on Ced’s weight issues, which can come off a bit cruel and superficial. Barriers definitely need to come down on Sundy’s end for progress. These two have the potential of being a power couple, rooting for you.

Sean and Catherine:


I have the least to say, these two aren’t doing great in my eyes they just made it to my least. Catherine doesn’t wanna feel or look stupid for Tv. She reminds me of a perfectionist. Choosing to marry the Bachelor from the reality show has created insecurities in her that she wears loudly. Sean zones out and seems to break away when he can, even if it’s mental. More or less people can paint beautiful lies. These two are on marriage Boot Camp for a reason, less judging and more work. Wish you well!



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