DJ Akademiks speaks on 50 Cent saying that The Game and Lloyd Banks Taking a picture together in Dubai “Represents Confusion,” You have a listen to his rant for more info below. I don’t know your take on things, but forgiveness is a must. Most progression’s are stunted from storing up hate or wrongs. I think The Game he has to live for his children, and realizes he isn’t getting any younger. Besides why not be a the best role model you can be for young ones. As for 50 I know he’s side eying the mess out of Buck right now. Truthfully I know why 50 feels somethings are better left undone, it’s hard to forgive situations that caused death to occur. However my final opinion is If no work is on your hands and it’s just on the strength of division then the devil will always win. That was a courageous step for Lloyd to acknowledge he is his own man. Were losing everytime our people headline news in division. The powerful plays the two have can address our nation in magnitudes. Game know this your showing us Growth is for all! Love you Kings, let them own their destructive madness.


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