This is it, Last episode for the Campers of seasons 4 Marriage Boot Camp. It’s coming to an end and sadly some of these relationships will to. “Judgment Day”the night all the campers fear. No one wants to feel rejected and tonight I’m sure will see a few hurts.  This season being the most explosive and drama filled is definitely one going down in the books. I have two couples that I’d like to honor with a “Realist Award” Cedric & Sundy along with Sarah & Ink.  


Reality TV Brought Them Together. Real Life May Tear Them Apart.

These four individuals holding back nothing, and actually trying their best to apply the lessons given to them. Where do the couples go from here? Be sure to tune in this evening @ 9pm/10c. For more episodes and behind the scenes videos follow the link below.

Source: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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