DJ Vlad‘s interviews with a talented young producer and entrepreneur by the name of Young Chop. Vlad open the interview asking Chop why so many Chicago rappers are getting shot? Chop feels if your mentioning any gang affiliation or dissing anyone, be prepared for what’s to back it up and he said that’s for any rapper.

Chop says “Maybe it’s because we [are] more in the street s*** than most n*****. Chicago is big on gangs and s***. This s*** means something to these n***** out here. I don’t know why, but it just means some s*** to these n*****.”

He explains, how for most youth the gang life was not a choice. How they were simply born into it! Chop even shares how many innocent bystanders are targeted not affiliated all because of . Chicago earning the state a new title “Chiraq” a term endured for similarities to that of a war zone. I can honestly say I’ve found myself praying for Chicago  more even tho the city of Los Angeles, Ca has an eqvaulante amount of gang violence and def. not new to it. The rise of downfalls in our communities is saddening. Why aren’t we marching for the sake of ourselves? DJ Vlad is right it seems more upcoming rappers are losing their lives, deading the possible rise of up coming stars. Watch the interview below and then… 

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