James Shaw Jr. Tennessee Hero


“I’m not a hero. I’m just a regular person, and I think anybody could have did what I did if they are just pushed into that kind of cage,” Shaw said as he became emotional. “You have to either react or you’re going to fold, and I chose to react because I didn’t see any other way of living, and that’s all I wanted to do. I just wanted to live.”

We Are Living In Some Estrange Days… However 29yr. Old James Shaw Jr. Made The Bravest Decision Of His Life And That Was To Save His Life & The Lives Of Other’s. Shaw, & Friend Left A Club, Like Many A Good Early Am Meal Always Does The Job For A Club Fade. The Famous “Waffle House” Being 24hrs Is Known As The After Hour Spot. Shaw Arrived At The First Restaurant, Which Was Packed, Quickly Pulled Off To Another Waffle House location 3571 Murfreesboro Pike In Tennessee. Early Morning Approximately 3am Suspect Travis Reinking, Jumps Out The His Truck Wearing Nothing But A Green Coat And Armed With A AR- 15 riffle, ReinKing Cowardly Shoots & Kills Two Victims In The Parking Lot Before Entering Into The Restaurant And Killing Two More. As The Shots Rung… Shaw Runs To The Back Of The Restaurant To Hide Behind A Swivel Door Feeling The Heat From A Bullet That Grazed His Arm. Shaw, Snapped Into Survival Mode, He Knew He Had To Fight For His Life. When The Gun Shots Stop, Shaw Took Advantage And Rushed The Suspect, Wrestling The Gun Free. ReinKing Recently Obtained & Held On A 2 Million Dollar Bail.

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