With Cannabis becoming such a hot topic with it’s healing properties, pain relief, and theraputic nature we had to interview a good friend of ours in the fast growing medical industry aspect.

Can you tell myself & the reader’s about yourself?

My name is Gilbert Ibarra, I was born and raised in the Coachella Valley, city of Indio. I never in my life thought I would be in this kinda business, Cannabis or Cannabis Therapy (Topicals)

Growing up & still to this day who are some of your inspirations? How did they impact your life?

My inspiration(s),
Growing up there wasn’t that much to look up to like the inspirational people today, mainly my parents hard working, my dad was the one pushing me more towards the future, always telling me “education is the key to success, once you have that the sky is the limit”. My mother has always been a great supporter of what I do and always pushed me as well. They have worked hard all their lives. In the fields of Agriculture.

How did you meet the Queen herself Gina Jay? What is it like getting to know her?

I met Gina jay at dabathone festival in 2017 when I went on their stage to talk about my product, and again at the Roll up show in commerce for my 2nd interview. Gina Jay is a crazy super cool, sweet individual, I saw that she is all about the people and intelligent when it comes to this business. “Positive people attract the positive”.

How did you know you had a passion for cannabis & it’s therapeutic properties? What age were you when you decided to make it into your career?

At first I was against cannabis even though when I was younger just like every typical young high school teenager, I tried it a few times. It really all started with my mother she has always had epilepsy she was diagnosed earlier in her childhood. Her health was starting to get worse and worse within the years by that time I was in my late 20s, the medications my mother was taking was not doing any justice it was making it worse. So we decided to turn to alternative medicine in this case it was cannabis. I fully started working with cannabis at the age of 30, after seeing how well the cannabis oil did for my mother I decided to venture into it and learn more.

How many products do you currently make & distribute?

*The theraputic lotion.
*The main source of our products is the concentrated therapeutic canna oil which is used topically as well.
*The theraputic canna bath salt.
*CBD isolate tinctures which we call them elixirs.
All of the Canna Botanicalz products come infusedWith CBD and we also carry a ratio product with the CBD/THC.

What are some of the ailments that your cannabis products cure or relieve?

I can not really say “it cures”. But it helps with pain management of my types. Mostly my client base uses the product as an anti-inflammatory, and pains due to arthritis, muscle spasms and many more.

Are cannabis products becoming more common for medical & physical therapy due to it’s natural “unicornish” effects?

Yes I believe it is becoming a more common product due to its natural therapeutic properties. The power of cannabis is still unraveling itself. There are so many ways to use cannabis especially therapeutically and medically.

What are your personal 3 favorite products? Why & how do you use them in your everyday experience?

All of them are my favorite, but me personally. The CBD isolate tincture is my #1 because that is how we started treating my mother for her epilepsy and now its been more than a few years since she has had a very bad episode with her epilepsy.
#2nd is my concentrated cannabis oil great for massages and a full body relief.
#3rd is my muscle Salve/Rub/Balm/Pomada it’s best used for relief in sports therapy muscle rubs.

Which 3 strands of marijuana are your favorite?

I personally do not smoke THC I tried CBD but in my experiences. But My favorite strains are the Harlequin CBD strain which is derived from an og
Swiss Tsunami CBD strain
As for a THC strain any original Og. Due to its sweet smell and potency of extraction.

When & where are the next times we can see & purchase some of your great products?

We will be at dabathone and possibly World CBD Expo in August, and Kushstock is in October. Along with the team from The Coachella Valley. Edible Conections, Green Heart Care Givers, Fatboy Tacos, left hand Infusion.



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