The 1st Lady of The West Coast

The word “Artist” by definition is a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a performer, musician, poet or a filmmaker. I would like to think that all of these examples embody the true nature of 1st Lady of the West Coast’s artistic medium.
She is a vocal artist, when she is in the studio belting out her newest creation. She is a performer, when she is on stage entertaining and engaging diverse audiences. She is a poet, when she is sitting down expressing her innermost thoughts and feelings to her songbook, knowing that one day someone will hear it and share in that special with her. And last but certainly not least, she a filmmaker and has orchestrated, filmed and edited most of her own music videos in hopes of sharing her unique vision of music with the world.
The 1st Lady of the West Coast, also known as 1st Lady, first started singing at the tender age of four and writing her own music at age eight. She has been working with the record label 880Style Inc., for the past 17 years, cultivating and perfecting her artistry.
In November of 2014, 1st Lady signed with DPMG International/ DPMG Urban who secured her a distribution deal with Ingrooves through Universal Music Group. Only to be offered a Sony distribution deal and Interscope marketing deal with DPMG International a few months later in February of 2015.
In 2018, 1st Lady started her own label 1st Lady Of The West Coast Music Group to help teach artist how to be their own entrepreneur in the music business.  

The First Lady of the West Coast, as she is known, is a true Queen of cannabis cultivation. The first black woman to have her own cannabis strains, she is the Founder and CEO of Herb of Life Cultivation, LLC, in Los Angeles and has created three strains to date: Flotwckush, December Nights OG and Black Girl Magic OG – all unique and aimed at helping to ease symptoms of depression, menstrual problems, back pain and spasms from which she suffers and other ailments cannabis is known to heal.
I recently interviewed her where she chatted more on her endeavors. Check out the interview below.
Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations and how did they impact your life?
My parents and God are my number inspiration; without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.  They impacted my life in a big way teaching me I can be anything I put my mind to and to never give up when it gets hard and to always put God first in my life in all that i do.  My uncle Roni, Geno and Aunt Veronica, Aunt Rene, my cousin Mahershala Ali, Derrick Grace, have also played a great impact in my life. Watching them go for their dreams and goals and accomplishing them. They played a good role in my through their teaching and knowledge over the years.
Artist wise, Missy Elliot was a big inspiration as a female artist and producer and is why I ended up changing my major in college from web designing to audio engineering production because I loved what Missy Elliot did for herself as an artist and still does. Tupac for his inspiration of his love and knowledge and strength towards his community.  Oprah is an inspiration as well, a black woman who is a billionaire and didn’t let anything stop her. She had a vision and she made it reality.
I have so much people who have inspired me through out my life from Les Brown and Tony Robbins of Rich Dad Poor Dad.
You’re quoted having said you’ve dealt with mental illness such as depression and thoughts of suicide. How much of an epidemic and lack of solutions are there in the African American community?
I don’t think there is a lot of solutions and there needs to be which is why I’m trying to be a voice for it. Despite progress made over the years, racism continues to have an impact on the mental health of Black/African Americans. Negative stereotypes and attitudes of rejection have decreased, but continue to occur with measurable, adverse consequences.
Historical and contemporary instances of negative treatment have led to a mistrust of authorities, many of whom are not seen as having the best interests of Black/African Americans in mind. I believe teaching the African American community on the medical benefits of cannabis when it comes to mental Illness. (illicit drug use is frequently associated with self-medication among people with mental illnesses. I read an article that said less than 2 percent of American Psychological Association members are Black/African American, some may worry that mental health care practitioners are not culturally competent enough to treat their specific issues. To me this is compounded by the fact that certain Black/African American patients have reported experiencing racism and micro-aggression from therapists
Stigma and judgment prevents Black/African Americans from seeking treatment for their mental illnesses. Research indicates that Black/African Americans believe that mild depression or anxiety would be considered “crazy” in their social circles.

You credit your cannabis line to those issues in your past, as well as liver and kidney failure. What major difference is there between the pharmaceutical over the counter drugs and cannabis?
My cannabis lines are for people who are looking for a natural alternative than pharmaceutical drugs. One of the big differences are the war on opioids and the addiction that is caused by pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the deaths of overdose from them. A change has to come and starts today with the cannabis industry.  Pharmaceutical drugs are killing people and destroying the immune system of the body. Cannabis is healthier than pharmaceutical drugs.
When did you start your cannabis line and how did you pull off the magnificent feat?
I spoke my line into existence back in 2004 while looking up at the stars on a winter night in Modesto, California. At the time we lived in Modesto. My parents had moved us from the Bay Area since my mother was retired from Oakland Police Department.
I was thinking and saying to myself and the sky at the age of 17 that it would be dope to have my own strain line. I remember like yesterday, I closed my eyes and said to myself, “God, you hear me? It would be really dope to have my own strain line.”
In 2016 Flotwckush aka First Lady Of The West Coast Kush was created with the help of my business partner DukeOfErb. In 2017, December Nights Og was created and my Godson helped me create the name for my second strain line. BlackGirlMagicOg is my third cannabis strain line she was created in 2018. I thank DukeofErb for helping and teaching me the ropes on everything he knows.  I knew what I wanted to create something that could help, how it tasted, how it smelled, even how it looked but what was important was how it could help medically.
Your line has 3 strains for medicinal purposes can you tell us about them and their pharmaceutical medicinal purposes? What other medicinal purposes does cannabis serve and what information would you share with the haters of cannabis and label it an illegal drug?
The beauty of the cannabis plant is we’re still learning so much more of what they plant can do medically, but with the research in truth, numerous studies published in renowned, peer-reviewed medical journals such as NeurologyRheumatologyAnnals of Internal Medicine, the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, and the British Journal ofClinical Pharmacology have all documented significant health benefits associated with the use of medicinal Cannabis across a wide range of ages, races, genders, and health conditions. Do you experience any of the following medical conditions?
Chronic Pain
Crohn’s Disease/IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
Hepatitis C
Lou Gehrig’s Disease/ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Parkinson’s Disease (including Early-Onset)
PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
With all the research out there today, I would tell people like I tell them all the time educate yourself on the plant and the benefits from the plant.  There are schools and certain states now that educate you on the medical cannabis. That’s what I would tell people who aren’t educated on the cannabis and if they don’t want to be educated on it, don’t fix your mouth to speak on things you don’t take the time to study on.
One of your other valiant achievements that isn’t talked about is your fight and support for minorities jailed on marijuana charges, what inspired this particular fight/stance?
I’m tired of seeing people of color arrested for cannabis. It doesn’t make sense to me. Jail time for a plant. It piss me off.  This is people’s form of medicine and they were arrested because they got caught with it because they made a choice that they didn’t wanna take pharmaceutical drugs but a  natural herb.
My fights is get every person of color or person out of jail for cannabis charges. Setting with the mayor of the cities and talking how we can make real change on cannabis arrest.  They didn’t harm anyone but got caught with a plant, come on really?
It is happening in all regions of the country, in counties large and small, urban and rural. It’s not fair. It’s not making us any safer. It’s wasting valuable resources. And it’s taking a toll on thousands of lives every year.Police routinely arrest millions of people just for having marijuana every year. Billions of taxpayer dollars fund these arrests, which disproportionately target Black people. This has to stop, it can’t move forward anymore we have to put a stop to this and it’s my goal to help end cannabis arrest.
Black/African Americans also account for 37 percent of drug arrests, but only 14 percent of regular drug users (illicit drug use is frequently associated with self-medication among people with mental illnesses)
If you could offer some great words of wisdom and inspirational advice to the millennials what would it be?
If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything! Be a voice in your community. Be the change you want to see in this world. Remember certain people will give up on you, you gotta make sure you don’t give up on yourself.  You can be anything you put your mind too. Giving up isn’t a option! Go Conquer the world Kings and Queens!

Purple Rose Supply

Cannabis connoisseur and owner of Purple Rose Supply, Sid, saw his first cannabis cigar, also known as a cannagar, on Instagram in 2016. From that moment on he was immediately hooked.
“My combined love of cannabis and cigars made me feel like I had to get my hands on one,” Sid explained. “When I tried to buy one; however, I realized they cost a few hundred dollars and were only sold in Washington at the time. You can call it a lack of class or being cheap, but I’ve always been a no-frills kind of guy that generally stays away from exclusivity and eliteness. I loved the concept of smoking a cannagar but didn’t want to pay the high price tag so my only option was to learn how to make them myself.”

After deciding not to pay the hefty pricey, Sid took it upon himself to research cannagars and its predecessor Thai Sticks. He learned the current process was extremely outdated. It involved a lot of patience and practice putting cannabis on a skewer and tying it very tightly.

“I could barely get it to work and it never looked anything like the ones I saw online. I needed a more efficient way to create cannagars, which is how the idea of our CannaMold was created. I developed a rough prototype and it worked like a charm.”
It felt like Sid had cracked the code. He now had his own super easy way of creating an expensive product at a fraction of the price. He was happy but still bothered with the high price tag of pre-made cannagars and the way they were being marketed.
“Luxury”, “1%”, and “elite” were the words he kept seeing associated with all cannagars. This is not what he thought of when he thinks of cannabis. In his mind, it should always be inclusive.
Sid wanted to make cannagars affordable and accessible, so he created Purple Rose Supply and embedded his personal values into the company’s mission of, “creating products that give people the best smoking experience possible without breaking the bank.”
I recently caught up with Sid where he chatted more about his inspiration behind the brand. Check out the interview below:
Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?
For the first half of my life, I was mainly raised by my older cousins and the lessons they taught me affected me every single day. From as early on as I could remember they never let me say  “I can’t” or “It’s too hard”. My oldest cousin coached a lot of sports and the other one was a star athlete, so they made sure I knew what it meant to have heart. They constantly pushed me beyond my limits and showed me that even when I think I’m done, I could always push even harder. For better or worse, this type of grit and determination has gotten me to where I am now.
My other inspiration is my Dad. He’s the most level-headed person I know and through him I’ve learned being strong is more than just brute force, it’s also compassion and treating others with respect.
How old were you when you first started smoking marijuana?
I started smoking cannabis when I was 13-years old and it’s been love at first inhale ever since!
When did you develop the passion to get into the Cannabis and cannabis accessories industry?
I’ve always loved and advocated for cannabis from an early age. With the recent legalization and change in public perception, I realized I could make a career out of something I’m so passionate about. The industry has come a long way, but we definitely need to go a lot further.
What inspired you to make such an impactful product like a cannagar making kit?
I’ve touched on this in an earlier answer, but it’s really due to my beliefs. I don’t like when people make things exclusive or act as if they’re better than anyone because they have a little more money or status. It hit a nerve when I saw the price and marketing for pre-made cannagars. Cannagars are definitely an amazing experience, but I don’t believe it’s something that should be reserved for people that can drop $200+ on a single smoke session.
I understand the artistry that goes into making them, and I’m not trying to hate if people want to drop crazy amounts of money on them, but I believe everyone should get to enjoy them.
People can buy an expensive pre-rolled joint with some high-quality product or they can just roll their own. Why shouldn’t it be the same for cannagars? I want to give people the option and hopefully, one-day cannagars will be enjoyed as regularly as joints and blunts.
Can you walk us through the process of developing your unique kit?
Once I had the rough idea, it was a lot of testing and surveys that got us to the product we have now. I created the design, tested it myself and later asked friends for some product feedback. I would use their feedback to create the next design and from there it was rinse and repeat.
How long did it take you and your team to develop the perfect kit?
It took about two years to get where we are with our latest model. It was moving really slowly at first because I was just doing it for myself. I had a few friends that would help with the design and iterations, but once I decided I wanted to share this with others, I taught myself how to design via YouTube and bought a 3D printer. From there, things moved a lot quicker and I finished the designs for our G2 CannaMold by 2018.
Once I had the designs, I had to secure funds so I could manufacture the product to produce some high-quality goods for everyone.
Could you tell us the process/procedure for properly using the kit and getting a perfect cannagar?
Step 1: Assemble your CannaMold by closing the latch and inserting the skewer through the bottom hole. Put a small amount of ground up flower into the funnel and tap it so it goes all the way down the mold cavity. This part is really important, press down firmly on the packing tool so your flower is compressed tightly. Repeat this process until your CannaMold is full
Step 2: Store your packed CannaMold in a cool dry place for at least 3 hours. I always do mine overnight, then roll them when I wake up. This storing process gives the cannabis time to mold together and cure for a smoother smoke.
Step 3: After storing your CannaMold you can unlatch it and carefully remove your cannagar core. From here, you can get creative and top it off with whatever concentrates you’re feeling. When it comes to rolling cannagars, they’re traditionally rolled in cannabis leaf, but not everyone has access to that. We want to make cannagars as accessible as possible, so our cannagar cores allow our customers to roll with whatever wrap they want.
Step 4: After rolling your cannagar, simply light and enjoy. We also include a wooden tip to throw on the cannagars to make it easier to smoke.
How many products does your brand make and sale?
We currently sell our generation 1 and generation 2 CannaMolds in 2 different sizes: small and large. The small holds between 3.5-7 grams and the large holds 12-15 grams.
What great advice and words of wisdom can you offer our readers and Cannabis enthusiasts?
At the end of the day, we’re all people. We all deserve to enjoy a great experience whether or not we have hundreds to throw away on a single smoke session.
To learn more about Purple Rose Supply, visit

Taken By Hate

Walking down the street day or night,
Without staring eyes in any let alone my own neighborhood,
I can’t relate.
Unnecessary gestures stopped and thrown to the ground because the skin I’m in
Our worldly sin,
Opposed by politicians and presidents who were Klu Klux Klan.
Committing crimes some as worse as treason,
A bitter and dark feeling for no apparent reason,
And no time for the non existence racial debates when our leaders suffer death as fate.
Killed with no repercussion,
Slaughtered by the masses like beef or lamb,
Inequality is real,
Murdered on camera.
No justice served,
But I gotta remember for 400 years,
We’ve only been 3/5 of a man.

Keep Your Head Up

Yea I was a loner until I played sports.

Only reason I joined because the support was brotherly.

My father wasn’t shit,

My family was no better,

I’m not trying to hear you can do better,

Y’all support I had no love.

Everything I have I got out the mud,

Nothing was given,

I was taught and learned hard work always overcomes.

I was stuck in the the hood,

A corrupt government inescapable system,

I had to let go of the thought that I was a victim of oppression.

I could’ve gave up on myself like my family,

But I chose I was worth construction not destruction.

It was the right side I chose (BLOOD),

Brotherly, Love, Overcomes, Oppression, & Destruction.

Kxng Rvlph The Reemergence of Hip Hop

Can you please tell myself & the reader’s about yourself?
KR: Hey Everyone, I’m Kxng Rvlph A Very Lit & Drippy Underground Music Artist. Born & Raised In South New Jersey. I Just Moved To Atlanta A Week Ago, I’m Starting My Own Label Called “Quvd Gang Ent.” I Love God, My Family & Music 
As a underground artist trying to get his music heard what is the hardest part? 
  KR: Really The Hardest Parts Are Your Promo Effort, Being Consistent & Up To Date With The Trends & Last It’s Social Media Blocking You From Becoming Famous or Atleast A Little More Popular Then Before. Why? I Honestly Don’t Know & I Wish They Would Fix It. I Would Be Known Globally By Now. Everyday It’s 10% Of My Followers That See My Post Because Of The Algorithms Instead Of 100%. 

What are some things you’ve learned from being an recording artist that you didn’t know or think about before entering the industry?
KR:  I’ve Learned A lot About Many Situations Like 360 Deals & How Many Artist Don’t Read Their Contracts. I’ve Learned To Own All Of My Music. I’ve Learned That It’s Not Going To Be Easy Getting In The Industry Unless You Really Have Money To Start With, Most Labels Want Money If Your Not Booming In The Streets Or Have A Certain Look They Want. 

When not in the studio recording, writing, or listening to your own music who are some other underground artist you listen to? 

KR: I Manly Listen To Xavier Wulf or Bones If I’m Not Playing My Own Music. 

We spoke the other day about conscious messages & rap so is it safe to assume your upcoming project will be conscious? 

KR: Yes I Remember That Convo, It Was Dope LoL & Yes My Next Project Will Be Very Conscious On A Scary Level. I’ve Never Liked Making Trendy Music, I Make That Type Of Music. Now I Only Made It Because I Thought I Had To Fit In. 


Not Saying It Wasn’t Authentic. I Just Knew What Trends Was Out Musically So I Trained My Self To Fit With The Trends. 


Until Now With The Way The World Is Now. I Know People Around The World Need These Words Of Wisdom. So I Don’t Want To Say I’m A Be A Rebel Or Anything Just Trying To Wake Our People Up. So That Whole Vibe Is Going To Be On My Next Project. 
Do you believe conscious rap can rehab the current state of hip hop world outside or J Cole, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Nas, and T.I?
KR: Hell Yeah We Need More Conscious Music Because If Not Then Every One Will Still Be Blind To Whats Going On Globally. Building Walls, Bombing Families Instead Of Helping Them Or Talking About Drinking, Getting High Off Anything But Marijuana, Killing Each Other For Nothing Isn’t The Way To Make The World Great A Again. 
What are some words of wisdom & great advice you can offer other musicians and future aspiring musicians?
Stay True To Your Self, You Can’t Please Everyone, Do What You Feel Is Right, Help Each Other Out Instead Of Acting Major Because If The Tables Was On The Other Side It Wouldn’t Feel Right. 
What are some expectations that you have for yourself and your music career?

KR:  I Will Have Videos & More Music Dropping Soon. I’m Doing Shows This Year Too Be On The Look Out For All Of That!! 

Who would you say are mentors or artist that drive you in the game today?
   KR: 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Money Bagg Yo, Kevin Gates, Thugger, Future, Tyga, Xavier Wulf, Casanova 2x, ASAP Rocky, J. Cole, Kendrick, Drake, Tyler The Creator, and Chris Brown.