Kxng Rvlph The Reemergence of Hip Hop

Can you please tell myself & the reader’s about yourself?
KR: Hey Everyone, I’m Kxng Rvlph A Very Lit & Drippy Underground Music Artist. Born & Raised In South New Jersey. I Just Moved To Atlanta A Week Ago, I’m Starting My Own Label Called “Quvd Gang Ent.” I Love God, My Family & Music 
As a underground artist trying to get his music heard what is the hardest part? 
  KR: Really The Hardest Parts Are Your Promo Effort, Being Consistent & Up To Date With The Trends & Last It’s Social Media Blocking You From Becoming Famous or Atleast A Little More Popular Then Before. Why? I Honestly Don’t Know & I Wish They Would Fix It. I Would Be Known Globally By Now. Everyday It’s 10% Of My Followers That See My Post Because Of The Algorithms Instead Of 100%. 

What are some things you’ve learned from being an recording artist that you didn’t know or think about before entering the industry?
KR:  I’ve Learned A lot About Many Situations Like 360 Deals & How Many Artist Don’t Read Their Contracts. I’ve Learned To Own All Of My Music. I’ve Learned That It’s Not Going To Be Easy Getting In The Industry Unless You Really Have Money To Start With, Most Labels Want Money If Your Not Booming In The Streets Or Have A Certain Look They Want. 

When not in the studio recording, writing, or listening to your own music who are some other underground artist you listen to? 

KR: I Manly Listen To Xavier Wulf or Bones If I’m Not Playing My Own Music. 

We spoke the other day about conscious messages & rap so is it safe to assume your upcoming project will be conscious? 

KR: Yes I Remember That Convo, It Was Dope LoL & Yes My Next Project Will Be Very Conscious On A Scary Level. I’ve Never Liked Making Trendy Music, I Make That Type Of Music. Now I Only Made It Because I Thought I Had To Fit In. 


Not Saying It Wasn’t Authentic. I Just Knew What Trends Was Out Musically So I Trained My Self To Fit With The Trends. 


Until Now With The Way The World Is Now. I Know People Around The World Need These Words Of Wisdom. So I Don’t Want To Say I’m A Be A Rebel Or Anything Just Trying To Wake Our People Up. So That Whole Vibe Is Going To Be On My Next Project. 
Do you believe conscious rap can rehab the current state of hip hop world outside or J Cole, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Nas, and T.I?
KR: Hell Yeah We Need More Conscious Music Because If Not Then Every One Will Still Be Blind To Whats Going On Globally. Building Walls, Bombing Families Instead Of Helping Them Or Talking About Drinking, Getting High Off Anything But Marijuana, Killing Each Other For Nothing Isn’t The Way To Make The World Great A Again. 
What are some words of wisdom & great advice you can offer other musicians and future aspiring musicians?
Stay True To Your Self, You Can’t Please Everyone, Do What You Feel Is Right, Help Each Other Out Instead Of Acting Major Because If The Tables Was On The Other Side It Wouldn’t Feel Right. 
What are some expectations that you have for yourself and your music career?

KR:  I Will Have Videos & More Music Dropping Soon. I’m Doing Shows This Year Too Be On The Look Out For All Of That!! 

Who would you say are mentors or artist that drive you in the game today?
   KR: 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Money Bagg Yo, Kevin Gates, Thugger, Future, Tyga, Xavier Wulf, Casanova 2x, ASAP Rocky, J. Cole, Kendrick, Drake, Tyler The Creator, and Chris Brown.

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