Misconception of Mental Illness in The Black Community

The common misconception and miseducation of the Black community is that we misdiagnose the signs and symptoms of mental illness. The community has a firm belief that mental illness only has a connection with depression and suicide, but as a survivor we know it to be much more.
Mental Illness can be associated with disorders such as ADDaddictionADHD, anger management, anorexia, ansomnia, anxiety, autism, bipolar, claustrophobia, depression, dementia, OCD, PTS, schizophrenia, and more.
We need to first understand the definition disorders that alter your thinking, behavior and actions. More people than we think are  affected by mental illness in our communities, but still in 2019, it is considered taboo to seek help, counseling or therapy because it’s labeled as a White person’s disease.
The numbers show otherwise; 20 percent of African Americans are more likely to experience mental illness as compared to every other ethnicity the equivalent 1 out of every 5, but only 25 percent will seek professional help as compared to 40 percent of our white counterparts. It’s just as much the communities responsibility to bring awareness and help get our brothers and sisters help by changing the narrative.

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