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People often complain that technology is a hindrance for our children; however, it is only that if the parents allow it to be. A husband and wife duo have made technology a benefit for children by creating an educational app. Anything can be a pro or a con depending on how it is used, so why not use technology to help our kids advance.
I recently interviewed the couple where they chatted on the inspirations and plans behind the app. Check out the interview below.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself?
I will keep it short and sweet. I am Keith Hill. I am 30-years old. I’m married with a newborn son. I Love God and playing my bass guitar. Sometimes I wish I was born in the 60s – 70s, so that I could play along-side James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and The Temptations, etc. Finally, I would like to invest in the lives and dreams of our young Black men and women.
Growing up and still to this day who inspires you? How did they impact your life?
My parents are truly my inspiration. They’ve always supported every dream and vision that I had. Every idea that I had, they never said I couldn’t do it. Not only did they embrace my dreams, they always encouraged me to keep pressing forward. For every dream or vision that I would share with them, they would always give me constructive criticism and never would they say I couldn’t do it. Not only did they teach me, but they showed me how to love my wife and family through the good and the bad. So I really do appreciate and thank them for all that they have done, and one day I hope I’m able to return the favor.
When did you know and decide that you were meant to set out on your own in the entrepreneurial lifestyle?
My entrepreneurship started in elementary school. My brother, cousin and I started selling candy and were known as the candy boys in elementary school. We sold candy that all the kids wanted like bubble gum, cry babies, war heads, air heads, and ring pops. It got so big that we even had other kids partnering with us, and whatever they sold we gave them a cut. I didn’t know it then but that was a key moment in my life.

How did the two of you come up with great ideas of developing the first African American educational app?
My wife and I are Christians and every morning at 6 a.m. I get up and pray. Well, this one particular day, I was praying and something told me to go to the apple store and just scroll through the kids section. As I was looking I noticed that it was nothing there created just for our little Kings and Queens. I was speaking to my wife about it and we realized that we wanted our future kids to have representation. From that point we took the next 90 days and built Lil Kings and Queens.
Can you tell us about the cultural ground breaking app?
This app was specifically designed for our young black children to see themselves as strong, powerful, smart, and beautiful people. We want to give kids a head start on education but more importantly on loving themselves. We want every Lil King and every Lil Queen to succeed in life and know that they can grow up and dream to be anything they want to be.
Lil’ Kings and Queens will Learn About:
Letter identification
Letter sounds
African American History
Letter Tracing
Number Tracing

What social impact do you expect for this app to have on the culture?
When we were developing this app one word came to mind, Empower. We want every little King or Queen to understand that whatever they put their mind to they can do. We want every child to feel that they are special, smart, gifted, handsome, and beautiful. If there is one thing that I love to see that is confident Black People. I believe that parents should start at a young age instilling confidence in their children, and if this app is able to assist in accomplishing that goal, then we believe, we did our job.
Are there any upcoming events or dates we should be on the lookout for from you and the app?
Not at this moment. We are focusing on getting the word out about the app.
What are the platforms that we can download your app?
Apple and Google Play. We are working on adding it to Amazon and a Web Version.
What great words of wisdom and advice you can offer to our readers?
For Entrepreneurs: PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE! I think one thing that stops us from reaching our dream is lack of patience. We all have awesome ideas but the moment you announce your idea to the world we think our life is going to change, that everybody is going to support you, that you will be able to quit your job and live the best life. No, the next day you will probably have to get up and go to work. Nothing has changed. In a few weeks you might not feel like it’s worth it but it’s worth it. It’s worth the late nights. It’s worth the tears. It’s worth feeling lonely. It’s worth feeling unaccomplished because one day it will be all worth it. One day your dream will come to pass because you worked for it. Remember this is not a sprint but a one person marathon and the only person you’re competing against is you. Stay Focused. Be Encouraged. Be GREAT.
For parents: The Bible says train up a child in the way they should go and when they become older they will not depart from it. Don’t just train up a child to go to church but train them up to believe in themselves, to love themselves, to create, to build, to grow, to think, to love, to help. All of these things should start at home.

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