The Whip, The Iron, The Noose

The people’s champion I gave the people a voice,
“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, Rumble young man rumble”
I beat the odds you wanted to make me a controlled weapon real nigga.
The Afro Wonder Kid I graced covers of your magazines,
Enlisted as the face of your endless endorsements,
And lead a franchise back to the biggest stage for you to try to bury me for taking a knee field nigga.
America’s Dad I changed the culture when it was in disarray,
I continued to inspire the youth for years,
I tried to buy NBC and rebuild the shambles,
But sentenced to death still nigga.
Same blood in my veins came from those people traded and sold to pick cotton and sugar cane,
Even though they finally shook free the bondage of chains,
Now media enslaves our brain.

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