Young Author, Bailey C. Moore, published Book While Maintaining Straight A’s.

Bailey C. Moore from Houston, Texas. Like most young boys, Bailey enjoys spending time with his friends, along with playing football, video games and, of course, reading and writing.
At a young age, Bailey’s mother introduced him to books and his grandfather introduced him to writing which began his love for both. Bailey decided he wanted to write a children’s book after watching his mother put up a vision board of her goals for the 2017 year.
He decided he wanted to work towards his goals as well. At the top on his list was to become an author. Bailey maintains a straight A grade point average while playing football. Bailey gives thanks to the many influential people in his life who have made his dream come true. He thanks his family and friends for supporting him, as well as, MehaffyWeber P.C.
I recently interviewed the young author. Check out the interview below:
How do you find the balance in being a successful writer, school, and life as a youth?
It’s all about time and how you handle yourself. I only focus on one thing at a time and I make sure I try my best for every challenge no matter how hard and tiring it is. I never let a challenge bother me.
You’ve worked on and completed a second book in that time as well Jerry’s Gang congratulations, what was the writing process like for you this time around? Was it different from the first time?
I went through the same process as I did for the first book. But I think that this book was a little bit easier than the last as I am more experienced now in writing. 

Can you give us a sneak peak/insight to this book Jerry’s Gang?
This story is still about Jerry the main character in my previous book but this time this book involves 6 black men in his community and how they helped him in situations in his life.
What influenced/inspired you to come with the idea and story for this book?
I was inspired by my mentors because they showed love and support to me.
At such a young age where do you find the creativity and passion to write and tell stories to your fellow children/classmates?
I write about important things that have influenced my life and hope to encourage others.
Being such a young inspiration to your community and the culture, what achievements do you see for yourself next to keep pushing the ceiling even higher?
As being a young inspiration I think my hard work and talents will lead me to being a great role model around the world and may even help me achieve my dream  of becoming the Mayor of my hometown, Houston, Texas.
When and where can we expect to see you for book signings and tour dates?
My schedule changes weekly but all my upcoming events are on my website at
I know it’s a little early but I have to ask, can we expect another book from you anytime soon?
 Maybe……. lol
Any words of wisdom and great advice you would like to offer the readers?
I would like to say to all readers to follow your dreams and never let a challenge slow you down from success.

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