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Young Entrepreneur, Cameron Young, Chats On How He Differentiates His ‘IDUUL’ Clothing Brand From The Competition Founder of IDUUL Clothing, Cameron Young

The fashion industry is forever evolving and changing, but constantly growing. With the rapid growth of the industry, it is critical for brands to stand out, but to still keep their authenticity and originality. Most don’t stay true being authentic because they try to keep up. This way Cameron Young created his ‘IDUUL’ brand.
Cameron seen the lack of authenticity and originality so he decided to fill in that gap while making his line affordable. I recently interviewed the young fashion designer and entrepreneur where talked more about his brand and passion.

Can you tell the readers and I a little about yourself?
My name is Cameron Young and I’m the truest Libra you will ever meet. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL by two amazing people, my parents, Sherri Young and Michael Young.
Growing up in a Christian household, God has always been a forefront and priority in my life. I was raised around a very charismatic and religious family, which is why I’m just as much inappropriate as I am ethical and religious.
I have an infatuation with music, which is why at a the young age of 8 I taught myself how to play the drums in the church and been in love with the instrument ever since. I am just a fun, free spirited person who likes to motivate others and spread peace, love and happiness. Not to sound cliche of course. 

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations and how did they impact your life?

My influences growing up were very vast. Not to leave anyone out, but a few notable names that come to mind are Kanye, Diddy, Drake, Jay-Z Rev Run, Russell Simmons, Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri, Bill Gates, and many, many, more.
I find inspiration in everyone I meet. I feel as though everyone in this world influences someone, regardless if the person gets notoriety or not, that persons’ presence brought comfort to someone else.
These names impacted my life because they are all gifted in their respective industries and they all hold themselves to a high standard and possess a unique drive that set a bar for me. 
At what critical point in you life did you realize you had a passion for fashion and social consciousness?
Since birth my mom would always keep me in a fresh outfit, whether it was from the consignment or a department store, my closet was plentiful with all types of threads. Since I can remember I always enjoyed trying out looks and stepping out of the box when it comes to the outfit/look I put together.
I would say the social consciousness came later in life once I started holding myself more accountable for my actions and the way I come to decisions. I just want to spread messages that will help get individuals out of their toxic habits that hinder personal growth.

What particular event, situation, or thought inspired you to create your clothing company IDUUL?

I’ve worked every job you can think of, from Five Guys to Fidelity Investments. I just noticed a trend that I was very depressed working for someone. In my mind when you work for someone you are keeping their dream alive instead of chasing your own.
The effort I was putting into getting up every day, to be stuck in traffic and forced to be somewhere for a particular amount of time, I could have been exerting my energy into my passion which has been fashion since I was born. My mother made the decision for me indirectly to fall in love with fashion and pursue a career in a brand by always keeping my closet full with stuff lol. 

Can you tell us the meaning behind your brand name and the objective of the brand?
IDUUL stands for Individuals Determined Under Unique Limitations and the objective of the brand is to provide individuals with high quality unique materials and designs that have a purpose instead of plastering random images, words and graphics that have no relatable meaning and charging an absurd amount of money for an item that cost 1/10th of the retail cost. I just want to be different.

How many different designs and products does your brand currently sale?
I make something new everyday, so there’s no telling how many designs I have in the archive, but currently I have 15 products for sale ranging from hoodies, tees, headwear and accessories.
What are your top 5 designs?
I don’t have a top 5; every design I come out with is like my baby. They all take a while and are meticulously designed with individual, undivided attention.

What are some upcoming release dates and events we can look forward to seeing from you?
No release dates set, but clothes will release in a timely manner throughout the seasons. I have to analyze the vibe of the season before I design anything. I will be attending the Vault Conference powered by Steve Harvey in Los Angeles, California May 17th-19th, and on June 30th at Jax Beach I will be a vendor at the 1st Annual 904 Pop Up Show. 
What great advice and words of wisdom would you like to share with millennials and like minded entrepreneurs?
Do what you love, love what you do. Make decisions that will make you truly happy and benefit the well-being of the loved ones around you.


You can’t complain and show no signs of strain,
You tolerate mediocrity because political agendas don’t motivate your drive.
Somewhere down the line you forgot how to strive,
Just existing not knowing you’re alive,
Lost your worth a diamond in the rough,
Feeling pressure with your back against the wall.
Acceptance of the bare minimum,
The distorted portrayal called happiness,
Societal confidence is what you’re deprived,
So darkness is where you thrive.
Wake up before it’s too late,
That prideful feeling of strength,
No vulnerability its congratulated with the term “raw”,
But laying on your death bed remembering what if’s looks like,
Settling isn’t a hard one to call.

25 Year Old Cannabis Mogul, Seun Adedeji, Looking to Take the Industry By Storm.

According to an industry trade publication, 73 percent of cannabis executives in Colorado and Washington are male, 81 percent are White.
Seun Adedeji, the founder and CEO of the Elev8cannabis brand, is a 25-years-old business man that pulled himself up by the bootstraps. He is the youngest Black man in America to own a retail cannabis dispensary.
A Nigerian immigrant and DACA Act recipient who moved to the U.S. when he was 3-years-old, Adedeji is a truly self-made businessman who embodied the American dream. He grew up on the Southside of Chicago, before moving to Texas as a teenager to finish his schooling.

Soon after he would proceed to move to Washington State and shortly after he joined Corporate America managing nine Sprint stores in Washington, as you may expect he was making great money, but he wanted to enter the cannabis industry due to concern of how consumers were being treated.
Without the cash on hand to quit his job and make a hefty investment in a new (and precarious) industry, Adedeji created a plan with a lofty end goal. He then moved to Oregon in 2016, and with only $50,000 to his name a combination of  Adedeji’s entire personal savings along with a few investments from long-time friends; he set out on a mission to become one of the first African-Americans to own and operate a retail cannabis dispensary.
In 2017, he accomplished his goal and Elev8cannabis opened its first cannabis shop in Eugene, Oregon. He was just 23 years old. The brand is drastically expanding and has made its debut on the East Coast with the opening of Elev8cannabis in Athol, Massachusetts this spring. Soon after the Athol location is up and running to moderate capacity, we know at least two more Elev8cannabis retail dispensaries are expected to open up in the city of Orange and Williamstown by the end of 2019.
Adedeji signed a multi-million dollar expansion deal with TILT holdings earlier this year, which will support the growth of his company while also helping him create an incubator program that mentors people of color who are interested in opening their own canna-businesses.
I recently interviewed the young cannabis owner. Check out the interview below.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations?

Everyday people inspire me by just learning their stories and also my father.

What did you realize you had a passion to be a business man?

At an early age I was the kid selling candy in high school. I knew I was destined for business, but just didn’t know what type of business.

What influenced you to start your own weed dispensary?

I saw there was a lack of people caring for the customers and more about people wanting the profit and just focusing on the money. My intentions are to make money, but I want the people to feel appreciated and apart of a community handled with care; not just another number being sold a product.

You’re the youngest Black man in America to own a dispensary. How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel like I have a lot more work to do to get more minorities involved in the cannabis industry. It is a honor but I don’t let that get to me. It’s a lot of responsibility. We’re under represented.

With the Country having legislation vote on Nationwide legalization on marijuana, how will this impact your business?

I would say it really wouldn’t impact it because Nationwide, like in Canada, would make it more robust. It would draw people that feel uncomfortable with it, but also draw the big companies.

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer to our readers and entrepreneurs?
Let your light shine as people. We should do more executing and less talking. We are blank pages and we write our own stories.

Scare Tactics Death by White Supremacist

Since our first slave ship arrived in this foreign land, we were subject to White Supremacy, scare tactics and mind control.
It is believed that a West Indian slave owner Willie Lynch was sent for by plantation in Virginia to educate them on his teachings of slave ownership/discipline. His teachings were to keep the slaves physically strong to continue manual labor and reproduction, but make them mentally weak, obedient and totally reliant on the masters and their way of living.
The term lynching is known to be derived from his name dating back to the first slave revolts and daily disobedience on the plantation the strong intelligent revolution leaders were raped, beaten and killed to mentally immobilize the bunch. We’ve seen the pattern continue to grow as time evolved from the plantation to the Renaissance era, then to the Civil Rights Movement and soon after to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense and now our era to the Black Lives Matter movement.
We’ve suffered casualties such as Muhiyidin D’BahaDayne JonesBassem MasriDarren SealsDeandre JoshuaMarShawn McCarrelEdward Crawford, andAmber Evans are just the activist and protesters we’ve lost but it seems nobody who can actually do something even cares.
We’ve had to suffer through allegations of suicide even though the family and friends of those victims repeatedly denounced allegations but the evidence from their deaths do not seem to add up to taking their own lives.
Let us not forget before the protesters and activists, the hundreds of innocent, Black civilians that were killed at the hands of police in their community or in police custody at Government facilities.
All the trials, cases and investigations seem to turn up with no responsible killer or no wrong doing on the behalf of the officers in question, but all of the investigations have seemed to be conducted wrong or incomplete. However, local authorities always seem to make a “conclusive decision”.
Their tactics over the years have seem to have lost some merit not affecting the strong, rebellious leaders already committed to the people, activism and the cause, but still implant some fear and doubt in the young and faint of heart on the fence newly found conscious.

Fashion Activist, April Walker, Teaches Others To Break The Mold Of ‘Fear’ To branch out and live life on your own terms, overcoming that fear and launching your brand is worth it.

Brooklyn native, April Walker, decided to overcome her fears and branch out on her own. She an author, fashion trailblazer, lifestyle entrepreneur, brand evangelist, educator, model, and health and wellness advocate. She also enjoys working out.
This queen is busy! However she realizes that her work that she is doing in the community is well worth it and has paid off. I recently interviewed her. Check it out below.
Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?
My mother and my father are my inspirations. I watched my mother make sacrifices for us so that we could have a better life and she was smart, organized, confident and humble. She was an example that confidence and humility can co-exist. My father was a creative that always danced to his own beat, and literally always was about following his dreams. He was always encouraging me to go after my dreams and making sure we were discovering something new. He made “being different” to the status quo look cool.
Also, in fashion, I’d say Dapper Dan and Willie Smith. I grew up wearing Willie Smith and when I discovered he was African-American, I was in awe. Dapper Dan was fearless, wore his hustle hat and was an innovator, creator and game changer. My first visit to his operation expanded my horizons. It was like the universe was speaking to me.

What age did you realize you had a passion and vision for fashion?
I  don’t think I owned fashion until around the time I opened my first custom fashion shop, but in hindsight, it was always in my blood. I used 
to sneak out my mom’s clothing and wear her dresses and fly gear to 
high school and I remember I won best dressed in school. I was always 
was into styling and profiling, so that should’ve given me a hint…lol.

At just 21 years old you opened your first custom fashion shop, what have you the influence and confidence to do so?
I was naive to fear as a youth, and so my naivety served me well. I doubted some things, but not the vision. I believed in the vision. I saw hip hop on the rise, and no one was creating options for us in clothing (our lifestyle). I’ve always been a risk taker, and the idea of working for someone else was more scary than creating my own lane and going for it.
I felt, “What if I work for someone else and they fire me before retirement?” That scared me more than going after my dream and creating my own. I think the balance of my parents reinforced my thinking, influenced me and gave me the confidence. Also, that Brooklyn canvas is a beast. Brooklyn…we go hard!
How were you able to be financially stable going out as a independent entrepreneur in the fashion industry? 

Who said I was financially stable going out as an independent entrepreneur in the fashion industry? I started my first business with $10,000 saved and a pass the hat from my folks. My first shop was with a homemade awning called Fashion In Effect that we made with foam board. The first three years, I ate more rice and bean dinners than I wish to share, but the vision was so strong that I believed, I sacrificed, and I kept reinvesting to eventually turn a profit.

April Walker in her early stages of her career
Do you still remember the first custom you designed and how excited you were when you received the order?
I’d like to say yes, but no. I started in 1986 in my house and then in 1987 with my first shop. It was too long ago. I do remember how good it felt when my customers would come and order something from the store.
You’ve dressed and garnered success receiving business from big names, such as: MC Lyte, Shaggy, Run DMC, Shaq, Snoop Dogg, and Queen Latifah. How did such early success reassure your dreams and drive your brand?
It was humbling to receive business from icons and superstars, but we must remember, some of them were on their way up and not who they are perceived to be today. Still, they were successful and it was like a confirmation that I was doing something right and should stay focused on the path.
Celebrities that supported the brand and wore it gave it heightened brand awareness to the masses. When you don’t pay for an ad but have a celebrity choose to represent and wear your brand to an award show or on an album cover or video, everyone is curious and will want to know about the brand and where they can find it.

What’s the key to longevity in the fashion industry being such a steady for almost 30 years?
One of the keys is humility. It’s a good key to longevity in life. Also, practicing self-care. I learned you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can save everyone else. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, so find good team players. You are only as strong as your team. Hone your skills and constantly try to upgrade, circle up and live in your discomfort zone. That’s where you grow.
You were recently honored by the Brooklyn Nets earlier this year. How did that make you feel about the great work you’ve done receiving such recognition?
Being honored my home team was so humbling!! As a die hard Brooklynite, it was everything. It felt so good.
How do you balance so many hats as an entrepreneur being a fashion icon, model, author, and public speaker?
I love creating so that’s a blessing to wear all of those hats but I take it one day at a time, remembering to take deep breaths. I pay attention to my energy. Also, I’ve been blessed with an amazing, efficient, and reliable team.
What great words of wisdom and success can you offer the young entrepreneurs and our readers?
Go after your dreams, hone your skills, invest your time wisely, your network creates your net worth, study your money, swing with aim, and hustle with muscle.
Your thoughts create your words, and your words will create your world, so make sure to send them in the direction you want to go. Act like it’s already yours, and get moving!

A Raisin In The Sun

Evil convinces you money is life,
Did you ever reach out to grab your dream,
But it’s snatched away?
Well for me I guess it’ll be another day.
A colored people like me,
All we were taught to say ‘yes sir, no sir, sir’,
Aren’t I the best and most well trained monkey that you ever did see?
It settles the soul of a man and comforts him to walk on floors he owns,
So give a little praise sing a little song,
A place for my bones to stay.
Freedom is that dream,
But you wouldn’t know the pains in our groans and moans because you only come to watch our poor show,
Can you tell us again since you’re White,
How much happier you are than me?

Brandon A. Mashack Teaches Youth the Importance of Fitness Through Get Gains or Get Gone

Brandon A. Mashack is the founder of Get Gains or Get Gone LLC, which was launched to serve people through online coaching, one-on-one training and small group training. Their model is, “No Inferiority, No Indecisiveness, No Intimidation”.
Unlike the Planet Fitness motto, “Gymtimidation”, Get Gains or Get Gone, knows the potential that they have, so there’s only motivation. In addition to his fitness brand, Mashack also has a production called The Best of Bam LLC, where he produces his “Bshack’s Exercise Book for Kids” volumes, does graphic design, social media managing, and Facebook/Instagram ad services.
I recently interviewed the fitness guru and entrepreneur where he chatted more on his brands. Check out the interview below:

Growing up and still to this day, who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?
In terms of being God fearing man, my Dad, Baron Mashack of course and my Grandfather, Aaron Mashack. My mother and grandmother  Denise and Marian Mashack, as well.
In the Art realm my main inspiration is Fahamu Pecou, my cousin. He’s become one of Atlanta’s biggest visual artists and allowed me to work for him back in 8th grade (2007/8ish) to learn.
In the Fitness realm, Chris Jones of Pump Chasers is someone I started watching on YouTube when I first got into fitness in 2012. He’s been a big inspiration with how I learned to workout and build my business.
When did you realize you had a passion for business and wanted to be a entrepreneur?
When I first started to get into graphic design while working with Fahamu in 2007, I decided to start taking clients to make extra money. I also did yard work for neighbors to make extra money. I was in 8th grade going to the 9th; I guess you can say the hustles started there.
What influenced you to take up personal training as a career?
My passion for fitness started when I first decided to lose weight in 2012 while living in Florida, the half naked lifestyle state; through the year I made a crazy transformation so people started asking me for advice. I gained the passion to help others achieve their transformation and started personal training in 2014 with Snapfitness Miramar.
How has personal training and working out changed/molded your life?
It’s been a very fulfilling journey. It’s something I look at as an Art, the human body being the most beautiful creation. As a matured Health and Fitness Coach, I realize we have one of the most important professions on the planet. We keep people healthy and out the hospital, transform lives, and provide long lasting education that will allow people to have longevity. It’s a profession that’s caused me to want to be BETTER, but not just for myself… FOR other people so they can see the potential in themselves.

With your base established as a personal trainer you decided to branch out and write two children’s exercise books, what brought this venture into perspective?
Well, Personal Training isn’t my base; being an artist is. My love for art fuels my passion for fitness because I look at the human body as God’s most beautiful creation, so why not take care of it?
Fast forward to 2017 as a matured Health and Fitness Coach, I realized that most adults will continue to struggle with establishing the health and fitness habits if they didn’t grow with that same education and passion from a young age, so strategically I decided to combine my Artistic skills and Fitness know how and created “Bshack’s Exercise Book for Kids”, a 4 volume series geared towards teaching exercise and nutrition to kids while spreading cultural diversity. 
Your B Shack’s Exercise Book for kids series is a breakthrough in the children’s book field, can you tell us a little about the books?
“Bshack’s Exercise Book for Kids”, is a 4 volume series geared towards teaching exercise and nutrition to kids while spreading cultural diversity. Volume 1 features Aida, and Ethiopian princess where her and Bshack (the animated me) teach Warming Up & Stretching. Volume 2 features Ake, a chief to be from the Native Sioux Tribe In Standing Rock, North Dakota. There they learn Core.
I send 23 percent of sales to the tribe to help with there pipe bursting plight.Volume 3, which I’m working on now for a June release will feature Riah, a Muslim Turkish from the Middle East. She’ll teach lower body and I’m thinking she’ll be someone who saves refugees or something… to combat that “terrorist” stereotype. Volume 4 will have a Mexican Boy to teach upper body and will come with a Bonus 5th Volume that teaches nutrition. I’ll have maybe twins, one with a disability or something.Volumes are on TheBestOfBAM.com/books for signed copies, as well as amazon, kindle, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble

Also you’re a Cobb County School District youth mentor, what are some of the key points and fundamentals you try to teach the children?
I use my artist and fitness know how to inspire them. I use every career I navigate to expose and Inspire them. With my current 5 boys, we are concentrating on self control mostly since they have aggression struggles in school. We exercise, meditate, discuss our week experiences, and various subjects to build their character.
How has youth mentoring impacted and made your life more well rounded?
Well for one, preparing me for Kids.. hahah, but it’s so fulfilling. You learn a good amount about yourself when working with kids as well. I definitely became a better planner and more patient. I worked at the Boys and Girls Club, A.W. Matthews as an art teacher for a while last year and I HAD to start meditating to keep my head on.
As a young entrepreneur you’re coming out with your own clothing/fitness line Get Gains or Get Gone, how did you come up with the saying and stamp it as your own?

In 2013, I first coined the phrase “Get Gains Or Get Gone” as a command to your own mind to go for it all or nothing at all, spreading the hashtag through IG and FB. I made it because Planet Fitnesses “Gymtimidation” Wave was spreading and I feel like PF is preying on the insecurities of people to sell memberships, offering pizza, cookies, candy to people already struggling with temptation; also the contraction “No Judgement Zone” phrase irritated me because how they judge “Lunks”, people serious about their fitness.
I thought it was important to come up with a Brand that rivals that message because it’s really selling to people and more gyms are starting to model after PF. We have to keep the standard high as America is already way behind other counties in health/ fitness. Get Gains Or Get Gone Family don’t get intimated because we SEE the potential within ourselves to KEEP motivated! It’s a mindset!
What are some upcoming events, dates, and products can we be on the lookout for?
Look out for Volume 3 of Bshack’s Exercise Book for a June release. Also keep eyes on getgainsorgetgone.com as I’m adding more custom products.Look out for events with “Results Central” (IG: resultscentral) gym in Decatur as I’m currently planning Kids events with Maurice Gatson, my business partner.
Look out for Get Gains or Get Gone partnering with Prosper Long (IG: prosperlongnow) (John Applewhite), where we will be reaching millions to make health & fitness a lifestyle.
Is there any great words of wisdom and advice you would like to offer our readers?
Be a PURPOSE driven individual; that’s what fuels my passion. I get my purpose from God and reading the Bible, wanting to fulfill the reason why i was created. We are all put on this planet to serve someone else in some way, whether it’s one person or many during your life time.. and to fulfill that purpose, pay attention to the 3 healths so you can be at your best, in this order: Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Physical Health. Be blessed ✊🏽


You ever had a feeling that controlled every move of your living,
Powerful beyond measure is your deepest treasure.
Valuable to all existence throughout time your presence showed persistence leaving nothing to spare.
Unbelievable strength no hate crime could taint,
If I had to bet never against you any storm you could whether.
Natural beauty that of which they degrade only because it’s so rare,
Unobtainable to mankind,
Our spine kings the ones worthy of your tender care.

Victory Lap

I’m an urban legend,
South Jersey in a certain section,
Spitting Black history with no discretion.
Gang members shooting shit up like John Rambo,
Let me break it down,
Drug dealers buy foams,
Crackheads buy crack,
And the White men get paid off all of that,
But you’re unconscious Sambo.
Land of the free until I speak and want to lead,
The Government wants who it wants,
Trump didn’t need popular vote to win the election.
Life is whatever you make it,
Just remember when my time comes and I have to go,
Don’t be violent,
Spread my message and watch the culture grow.

Art has the power to change the world!

One of the most effective ways to provoke change and inspire others is through music and film. These two outlets are the top things of what people like to listen to and watch in their spare time. At a young age, Shantelle Wheeler knew her career path would lead her in the direction to inspire through music and film.
I recently interviewed the actress and singer where she chatted on her inspirations and goals. Check it out below:
Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself?
I am Shantelle Wheeler and I love to entertain and inspire others.  I grew up singing in church, and the love just grew from there. And I have always been interested in how others deal with situations, and tried to imagine if I was someone else, how would I respond to this or that. I think the acting bug was in me then, and I just didn’t know it until much later.
Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?
Growing up, I was obviously inspired by my parents. Just watching them function, and the way that they took care of our family shaped me into the person I am today. I was inspired by Angela Bassett and Phylicia Rashaad.  I looked at them and saw beauty, class, style, confidence, and I wanted to be like them. They are just so regal. I still look at them, and just am in awe. Also, Stevie Wonder. I just love him, and I love to hear him sing and speak. 
When did you realize you had a passion to sing and act?
I always knew that I could sing.  Especially, due to singing in church, I knew that people could be touched with my voice.  I believe I was in middle school, when I decided that I actually wanted to pursue music.  But, as I got older, and started to really understand the gift that I had, that started to change.  Acting came along much later. I was always making up stories and coming up with script ideas, but I think I was in my first year of college, when I decided that I wanted to pursue acting.  It fluctuated a little with the singing, but the goal for an acting career has been steady ever since.

You’re not a new comer to the acting scene as you have been in a few different series and plays, is performing on stage different than when in front of the camera? What’s the difference between the two?
There are big differences in acting on stage and acting on camera.  I love both for different reasons.  When it comes to being on stage, I love the energy that the audience brings.  It can really elevate a performance.  Each performance is different because each audience is different.  And you can adjust things each time you get on stage. Try to play the emotions a different way.  Acting in front of the camera allows you to add in those subtleties and nuances that don’t really work on stage.  I love seeing the finished product.  When you are doing your scenes, you just get to connect with what you are doing, so you don’t really see the entire show, or movie until it is released. 
Can you name is the plays, series, and roles you been in so far?
There have been so many.  The longest role that I have had is Keysha Lyons, from ‘The Lyons Den’, which will be going into its tenth season.  I have been on the show since season one.  I’m also on ‘EXFactor’, which will be going into its fifth season. I’ve been on that one since season one, as well. I did a guest spot on a show called ‘Peace Be Steel’ which is a really cool show. They are all good shows though, so everyone should check them out.  The latest stageplay that I’m in, and it is quickly becoming my favorite out of all the plays I’ve done, is ‘CloZet Confession’.  I also did ‘Dreams of Harlem’, which was a lot of fun too. There have been other roles too, but I think that these are the biggest ones so far.
The last two years you’ve received acting awards in your files what awards have you received? How did being honored make you feel receiving credit from your peers?
In the last two years, I received the 2017 Featured Highlights Supporting Actress of the Year award and 2018 Featured Highlights Actress of the Year award.  I just found out recently that I am nominated for Best Supporting Cast Member, for the stageplay ‘CloZet Confession’, for the DPI Playwrights Awards. It feels amazing for others in the field to think of me as deserving of recognition.  It makes me work harder because I feel like I owe that much to the people that are watching and making these final decisions.  I owe the people that take the time to vote, and the ones that consider themselves fans of mine.  I can’t slack off with all of these people supporting me. They need to see something come of their support. They need results.

What are some goals you still want to accomplish as an actress?
I have the desire to be in movies and on television, like most actresses.  But, I think the biggest thing I want, at this time, is to do Broadway.  There is something about a live audience that just gets me excited.  And being able to grow with a character night after night, show after show, is something that I would like to experience.  There are people that I want to perform with on Broadway.  Jenifer Lewis, Cynthia Erivo, Audra McDonald, and my biggest wish, Brian Stokes Mitchell.
While being accomplished as an actor what are some goals you have set for you singing career?
Actually, I sing because I just love to do it.  If someone wants to pay me to do it, then that is just an added bonus.  I’m not really trying to make a living singing, as I am with the acting.  I just feel that, for me, singing is a special gift that I would tarnish if I tried to live off of it.  But, even with that, there are people with whom I would love to sing. Just because I want to sing with them.  Stevie Wonder, obviously. Also, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Patti Labelle, and Stephanie Mills. 
Do you take the confidence and recognition you’ve been receiving from your acting career to encourage your singing career?
I probably shouldn’t think this way, but I look at acting and singing as two separate entities.  While they can cross paths, I pursue each one differently.  When I am acting, unless my character is able to sing, I don’t think about singing.  When I am singing, I just think about connecting with the audience, not necessarily trying to act out the words to the song.  The only exception would be if I was doing a musical, where singing and acting live together.

What is favorite genre of music to sing?
I love that I can connect to so many different genres of music. Each one has something special about it.  But, I think that my favorite genre is R&B.  There are themes that live in R&B music that connect to everyone.  I love singing Gospel, but I can acknowledge that it doesn’t touch everyone.
Does your creativity as an artist come from your soul, genetic makeup, or the ability to express emotion?
I think that it comes from all three.  My parents both sing, and I used to sing with my brothers and sisters all of the time. And my dad also writes songs.  So, at least the music is in my blood.  The acting and writing may just be icing on the cake, so to speak. If I am singing a song, or playing a character, I have to be able to connect from the soul or it won’t come across as authentic.  If I can tell that I’m acting, then I believe that the audience can tell too.  Being able to express emotion is necessary for me to connect to characters, as well. 
What are some upcoming events or projects we can expect to see you in or at?
Season 10 of ‘The Lyons Den’ is coming up, which I am really excited about, as well as Season 5 of ‘EXFactor’.  I’ll be in two upcoming feature films, ‘Slumber Party, Slaughter Party 2’ and ‘The Oath’. I will be performing at the CSRA Food Truck Fest in Augusta, GA, I’ll be in Atlanta in June, performing for the National Conference for SISTUHS, Inc. and in September for another performance of the stageplay, ‘CloZet Confession’.  Starting either January or February 2020, I will be touring my original one-woman show, ‘For the Culture: A Passion Play’.  There are other things in between all of this, but I think that these are the biggest events and projects that I have coming up.
What great words of wisdom and great advice can you off to our readers and aspiring performers?
If you believe that you can achieve something, then go after it.  Don’t give up because others don’t understand what you are trying to do.  Everything is not for everybody to understand and everybody can’t go on the journey with you.  Accept support, but be willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals.  It will mean that much more when you reach them.

See Through My Eyes

In a time we fail to understand the truth behind conscious,
Perception only the third eye can see all we have is history and media propaganda and lies.
It’s so few of us that it’s easy to set up and plan a formal demise,
We use to get death but now the new slavery in prison our bodies survive.
Nothing comes free or without sacrifice,
Like the greats Martin Luther King keep our eyes on the prize,
Or the great Maya Angelou still I’ll rise.
I’m black hands clinched hand in the air screams of Black power,
I won’t flinch or step back an inch,
Tears run down a mother’s and father’s face as they claim their child gunned down by police,
All they can do is cry.

Nipsey Hussle deeper than rap and the streets, this was big business.

Nipsey Hussle was deeper than rap and the streets, this was big business.
Earlier today, we lost a young man, 33 years of age, a beloved father, son, brother, friend, artist, activist, and business man.
The shooting took place outside of his store Marathon Clothing located at 3420 W Slauson Ave F in Los Angeles, California, where earlier this year he talked about meaning a lot to him having sold drugs there as a youth and being denied entrance and now being the owner of the property. 
His death was one marked with violence as he was shot 6 times, 5 times in the body and 1 time in the head. It is believed to be over hate, beef, or gang violence but to we the conscious it’s more to it than meets the eye.
From initial details people are making the connection between the 6 shots to his gang affiliation with the Rolling 60s crips also earlier in the day Nipsey put out a tweet “having strong enemies is a blessing” which brings us to believe the culprit is money.
Nipsey was just getting into his prime he started doing some pretty amazing things in 2017 he released his brand Marathon which is named after a mixtape series he has in which he created his own strain of weed Marathon OG and the inception of his dispensary, and also opening the the before mentioned Marathon Clothing store. The following year he released a great album in 2018 Victory Lap that earned him a Grammy nomination the album was in a class of its own not like the modern day mumble rap but a conscious awakening body of work. The big announcement was when he announced he would be making a documentary about the great Dr. Sebi a holistic healer that was out on trial in 1985 by the state of New York & the federal government for placing a ad stating he had cured the aids virus.
You as well I know since the European slaughtered the natives & stole this great land to be their own the only thing they have been obsessively worried about and seeking is money. The two biggest economically funding industries in this country just happen to be pharmaceuticals and insurance which stand to take a big hit if not bottom out all together almost bankrupting the nation. The pharmaceutical industry gross revenue for U.S banking system is roughly 500 billion dollars each year but 1.1 trillion globally. The health & life insurance industry gross revenue for U.S banking system is roughly 1.2 trillion dollars with no cap on the global spending market at this time.
In 1985 Dr. Sebi ran a add in a local New York City Newspaper stating he had the cure for the aids virus and soon after he was being drug into court by the State of New York & the federal government. Needless to say but Dr. Sebi was not convicted as he 1st beat the case against the state, and the day after beating the case against the federal government absorbing him from wrong doing and false advertising. So to our knowledge he did have the cure for aids but this wouldn’t be publicized like other cases the government fail to mainstream like their conviction of killing Dr. KIng.
Dr. Sebi not only had the cure for aids he also had the cure for the sickle cell virus, and the cancer cell virus all things we know to be prominently found in the African American culture leading to death. Nipsey Hussle had a conscious mind & influence that could of spread the truth to the millions of African Americans who could change the narrative. Dr. Sebi is becoming a more prominent name in the African American community but not many know if his cures, trials, and assassination by the U.S government but brother Nipsey did and wasn’t scared to share that truth.