Nipsey Hussle deeper than rap and the streets, this was big business.

Nipsey Hussle was deeper than rap and the streets, this was big business.
Earlier today, we lost a young man, 33 years of age, a beloved father, son, brother, friend, artist, activist, and business man.
The shooting took place outside of his store Marathon Clothing located at 3420 W Slauson Ave F in Los Angeles, California, where earlier this year he talked about meaning a lot to him having sold drugs there as a youth and being denied entrance and now being the owner of the property. 
His death was one marked with violence as he was shot 6 times, 5 times in the body and 1 time in the head. It is believed to be over hate, beef, or gang violence but to we the conscious it’s more to it than meets the eye.
From initial details people are making the connection between the 6 shots to his gang affiliation with the Rolling 60s crips also earlier in the day Nipsey put out a tweet “having strong enemies is a blessing” which brings us to believe the culprit is money.
Nipsey was just getting into his prime he started doing some pretty amazing things in 2017 he released his brand Marathon which is named after a mixtape series he has in which he created his own strain of weed Marathon OG and the inception of his dispensary, and also opening the the before mentioned Marathon Clothing store. The following year he released a great album in 2018 Victory Lap that earned him a Grammy nomination the album was in a class of its own not like the modern day mumble rap but a conscious awakening body of work. The big announcement was when he announced he would be making a documentary about the great Dr. Sebi a holistic healer that was out on trial in 1985 by the state of New York & the federal government for placing a ad stating he had cured the aids virus.
You as well I know since the European slaughtered the natives & stole this great land to be their own the only thing they have been obsessively worried about and seeking is money. The two biggest economically funding industries in this country just happen to be pharmaceuticals and insurance which stand to take a big hit if not bottom out all together almost bankrupting the nation. The pharmaceutical industry gross revenue for U.S banking system is roughly 500 billion dollars each year but 1.1 trillion globally. The health & life insurance industry gross revenue for U.S banking system is roughly 1.2 trillion dollars with no cap on the global spending market at this time.
In 1985 Dr. Sebi ran a add in a local New York City Newspaper stating he had the cure for the aids virus and soon after he was being drug into court by the State of New York & the federal government. Needless to say but Dr. Sebi was not convicted as he 1st beat the case against the state, and the day after beating the case against the federal government absorbing him from wrong doing and false advertising. So to our knowledge he did have the cure for aids but this wouldn’t be publicized like other cases the government fail to mainstream like their conviction of killing Dr. KIng.
Dr. Sebi not only had the cure for aids he also had the cure for the sickle cell virus, and the cancer cell virus all things we know to be prominently found in the African American culture leading to death. Nipsey Hussle had a conscious mind & influence that could of spread the truth to the millions of African Americans who could change the narrative. Dr. Sebi is becoming a more prominent name in the African American community but not many know if his cures, trials, and assassination by the U.S government but brother Nipsey did and wasn’t scared to share that truth.