Scare Tactics Death by White Supremacist

Since our first slave ship arrived in this foreign land, we were subject to White Supremacy, scare tactics and mind control.
It is believed that a West Indian slave owner Willie Lynch was sent for by plantation in Virginia to educate them on his teachings of slave ownership/discipline. His teachings were to keep the slaves physically strong to continue manual labor and reproduction, but make them mentally weak, obedient and totally reliant on the masters and their way of living.
The term lynching is known to be derived from his name dating back to the first slave revolts and daily disobedience on the plantation the strong intelligent revolution leaders were raped, beaten and killed to mentally immobilize the bunch. We’ve seen the pattern continue to grow as time evolved from the plantation to the Renaissance era, then to the Civil Rights Movement and soon after to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense and now our era to the Black Lives Matter movement.
We’ve suffered casualties such as Muhiyidin D’BahaDayne JonesBassem MasriDarren SealsDeandre JoshuaMarShawn McCarrelEdward Crawford, andAmber Evans are just the activist and protesters we’ve lost but it seems nobody who can actually do something even cares.
We’ve had to suffer through allegations of suicide even though the family and friends of those victims repeatedly denounced allegations but the evidence from their deaths do not seem to add up to taking their own lives.
Let us not forget before the protesters and activists, the hundreds of innocent, Black civilians that were killed at the hands of police in their community or in police custody at Government facilities.
All the trials, cases and investigations seem to turn up with no responsible killer or no wrong doing on the behalf of the officers in question, but all of the investigations have seemed to be conducted wrong or incomplete. However, local authorities always seem to make a “conclusive decision”.
Their tactics over the years have seem to have lost some merit not affecting the strong, rebellious leaders already committed to the people, activism and the cause, but still implant some fear and doubt in the young and faint of heart on the fence newly found conscious.

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