Sense 2 Cents Financial Literacy

A recent article on states that too many young people don’t understand money. Growing up, the generations before us, as well as society, as shown as that “it is okay to live in debt”. From college loans, auto loans, and credit cards—-we as millennials MUST change the narrative so that the generations under us are able to be financially free.

Debt a’int cute and it prevents us from enjoying the things that we really want to do in life. Financial freedom first starts with financial literacy. And this is what Sense 2 Cents is teaching our youth. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of the organization where she chatted more on money matters and our youth.

Check the interview out below:

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself and your upbringing?

I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia by my parents with my older sister. As the baby of the family, I am my parent’s pleasant surprise. My parents were both involved in my day to day activities and exposure. My parents stressed the importance of possessing a solid character, intelligence and a great personality. My mom taught me to smile and laugh daily. My dad taught me the importance of doing what you love by his involvement in his hobby of cars. 

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations/mentors? How did they impact your life?

My family is close knit and has a major impact in my life. 
My mentor is and always will be my mother. I have fortunately witnessed her entrepreneurial spirit since birth. I’m amazed that I have the opportunity to utilize her business savvy and expertise in my own business. I account my work ethic to my father. My father has always been a hard worker and provider. My father’s grind along with my mother’s ability to see beyond the normal income sources has provided a great foundation for who I am as a business woman. 

My sister was my first best friend and still is. She is my go to when I have an idea or am feeling unsure. She always seems to know how to walk through the process of bringing my ideas to reality while reminding me of exactly who I am and what I’m capable of. Having her opinion is very important to me. 

My inspiration comes from a very supportive husband and my children. My husband believes I’m the best at everything and reminds me often. My daughter and my son believe that their Mama can do anything. They motivate me daily. 

I received a major push from two of my best friends for Sense 2 Cents. When I told my long time friend, Candace, I wanted to start this business, she purchased a desk for my home office and said, “Go for it”. My friends are the BEST accountability partners. 
A few years ago, my friend Jowona came to me frustrated with her finances. Helping her create a better financial position for herself and her family came naturally to me. As I helped her, I realized many of the basic financial fundamentals that many people aren’t aware  of. Jowona encouraged me to help others professionally.

When did you realize you had a passion for finance and teaching?

As a child, I loved numbers and money. I can remember being thrilled when my Dad came home with a roll of dimes just for me. I was also an enthusiastic collector of state quarters as they were released. In a tenth grade economics class, I discovered a love for Finance. I became enamored with studying the origins and exchange of money.  

I know that educating others about finances is one of the reasons I’m on Earth. I also know that I have a special knack for teaching children currency basics. As I work with children, I am often amazed me by how eager they are to learn. My students and I have fun which makes the job even more satisfying. When I operate as a financial teacher, it’s as if life keeps affording me the awesome feeling of being that happy little girl who just received a roll of dimes from her father. 

What was your first position in the Financial Field?

My mother had a mortgage office when I was in college. I helped there. My first position in banking which became my passion was as a Teller. 

Do you believe that financial literacy is circumstantial in the foundation of equality?

Absolutely. Money availability it’s possesses the freedom to purchase goods and experience life in whichever way that brings them joy. Financial freedom aids in solidifying individual and collective equality. 

How did you make the decision to transition into children’s financial literary?

While sharing myself equipping my children with financial literacy on social media, others took notice.  Many asked for products and classes to help them the same for the children in their lives.

What influenced you to start your brand Sense 2 Cents?

My best friend, Candace, and I were talking about how much people do not talk about money, although it’s a huge part of our lives. We talked about how much further we all would be if we simply talked about money. Sharing information that we have learned over the years with friends, family and our children can have a huge impact. That conversation made me realize that I needed to be the change. 

As I said my mother is my mentor so when I presented the idea to her, she said GO FOR IT! That’s is all it took for me to start planning on launching. 

Can you tell us about your brand Sense 2 Cents? What are some of your short term & long term goals and expectations?

As of today,  Sense 2 Cents offer classes, flash cards and activity books. The short term goals are to create more resources for a wider age range of children. The long term goals are to make Sense 2 Cents the go to brand for financial education for children. That will include touring and hosting classes, domestically and internationally. It will also include an online portal and school curriculum. 

How do you come up with the finance material and curriculum?

Simply put, I think of lessons that I want my children to know and/or that I wish I would have known sooner. As a banking professional, I often hear questions repeatedly asked. I write those questions down, see how I can simplify its answer and incorporate it in a lesson. 

Your classes/courses include the side of your very own learning tools to help make it fun, what are the tools that you provide?

LEARNING is optimal when it’s fun.  We have fun! Our classes are always high energy. We play games that teach. One of our students favorites are our life size flash cards. We use those cards for races, matching games, live board games, etc. 
The resources provided by Sense 2 Cents assist parents and teachers in deliberately fostering fun learning environments wherever the class my be.

What you’re doing is immensely important and will the change the culture for generations to come, how does that make you feel being a culture shifter?

Wow. A culture shifter. I’m appreciative to have  decided to live in my calling and on purpose. I am certain we can make sure our children have an even playing field when faced with financial situations. I am open to changing as many lives that will allow me to be a part of their experience. There are no limits.

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer our readers and educators?

“When you help other people reach their goals, you will in turn, reach all of yours.”-Zig Ziglar