Halley’s Comet

Power to the people say it loud like a bell ringing in the steeple grabbing the attention of our people out spoken they label the generation for questioning desegregation trying to bring unity to our community.

They rather us be scared of brutality and believe it’s deserved because our skin but never an acceptable reality we couldn’t digest the fallacy, we’re not reserved they can’t deceive us so stop it.

Have you ever heard the saying “pride cometh before the fall?” Choose a side on where you reside because sheep we’ll not keep and we’ll decide and this is a once in lifetime phenomenon no negotiating peace treaty’s.

400 years to long no more waiting to be saved so no I refuse to behave I am not your slave graduated outta mind control no longer mentally paying the toll tired of the abuse we’re going to sodomize the system Lorena Bobbitt.