Love Me Nina

Underrated some of the most hated niggas arrived to early just ahead of the conscious curve, this is our plight just wanting more than a acknowledgement we’re gifted and black mastering crafts investing in ourselves our only stock.

We just want to be black and legendary only expressing the real raw us in a class such as Malcolm, Kanye, Wale, Me, and You some of the most outspoken words full of emotions the most potent so we’ll never be alone.

Shoot from the same guns but you get a different perspective if you’re the semi-automatic I must be the Glock, they refuse to accept what’s uniquely different but if everyone got sprayed it would be to much of a culture shock.

Our personalities complicated but the only ones seeking resolution surpassed by no other civilization descendants of kings and queens, as you desensitize as they’re killing our children we pledge to use our words to disarm the the stigma by any means necessary until we get called where we get praised more after we physically fade home only realizing to the world we’re a loan.

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