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Dealing with a family member or child with special needs can be a challenge, which is why having a support system is critical. Libra J. Hicks is the founder and president of Our Children’s Story, an organization that assists families in finding resources for their loved ones with special needs.

I recently interviewed Libra J. where she chatted more about her organization and inspiration behind starting it. Check out the interview below:

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself and your upbringing?

I am a social introvert (if that makes any sense lmao). I love being social; however, I also love my alone time. I grew up in a very loud house. If we weren’t arguing, we were laughing or listening to either my dad’s music or LP’s when my mom cleaned. I have two very strong willed parents that made nothing into something. They took the knowledge they had and did their best with me.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations/mentors?

This is an easy question. I didn’t have inspirations. No one around me was doing anything worth me idolizing. I didn’t have mentors. Life was my mentor, my parents (both good and bad) were my mentors.

When did you know you had a passion for entrepreneurship and social advocacy?

My oldest son Anthony Jr. is my reason and my youngest son, Lyric is my how! I never knew I had a passion for this. I just knew that I wanted something more for my son and that would require me to thing big. There isn’t anything worth leaving him to here in the state of Georgia. All the services here are not to my standards and because of that I need to create an entity that will stand in my place, his dads place when we are no longer. My love for him and his quality of life is what drove this movement. My desire to honor him while he’s here and gift him with my very best is why I am here. Other’s get a chance to benefit from the love I have for my boys.

How did you first get involved in social advocacy field?

I started out as a small support group in Dekalb County Library. Moms would come together and exchange ideas, vent etc. It morphed from there.

What gave you the motivation to start your organization “Our Children’s Story”?

My oldest is the reason and my youngest is the how. My oldest Anthony Jr. is 100% dependent for all needs. He has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He relys on his family to care for him. He’s the reason I am here. My youngest son, Lyric Ja’Dore has Autism and has shown me how to let go and live free so that Our Children’s Story can manifest into something unimaginable.

Can you tell us about your organization and what are some goals and expectations you have for it?

Our Children’s Story is a 501c3 organization that strives to serve families who care for loved one’s with disabilities. We assist in finding resources, waiver application assistance, inclusive events etc. We desire in the near future to offer grant opportunities, support for North Metro GNETS in Atlanta, GA. We need money to help us continue our efforts.

You’re also a motivational speaker, how did you get into motivational speaking field?

It comes with the territory. In order to heal my people I have to educate them and speak life into them. Otherwise I wouldn’t be fully obeying GOD. You can’t serve the community partially. You have to be fully involved and that requires speaking. Speaking comes naturally for me, I enjoy using my words, inflections in my tone, etc. to drive a message to those I am supposed to reach.

How does motivational speaking bring a spark to your life?

It doesn’t bring a spark to my life, it brings a spark to someone else. I’ve traveled and still traveling roads so that I can educate and help others. Knowing that I am able to plant a seed fuels me because I know if nothing else my words stuck.

The 3rd annual Purple and Green Gala just past last month September 28th, how was the event and how much did the event raise?

The event was PHENOMENAL. It was better than I expected. The stories, love, inspiration that was in that room was insane. I am very pleased with how the Gala turned out. I am looking forward to next year 2020. We raised a total of $500 which was low; however, I am confident that will change.

What influenced you to start a fundraising Gala on behalf of your foundation?

When I felt the need to bring awareness to Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. I also know how important it was / Is to honor those who are in the fight. Those who don’t get the acknowledge for their efforts have a chance to be seen and heard. Through the Gala, my son is being heard and educating others.

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer our readers and youth advocates everywhere?

Everything you do MUST align with your vision for your life. It’s achievable if you fully stop caring about the thoughts and opinions of others and fully let go and live. Every desire will begin to manifest.

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