Wow…That’s Crazy

Ain’t no looking back since we were captured and bound by chains & then heard the whip crack knowledge they wanted us to lack our consciousness would die and mind desensitize.

Very little privilege nothing was given just the first cog in their system to stop our God vibe & disturb our cultural rhythm, so you better believe I question religion and everything they tried to teach us.

1865 we began to change economics or so we thought to our optics never accounting it was chess they took it next level full court press, no longer was it survive we had to fight now even the house nigga could understand our plight witnessing death on sight even with body cams they neutralize.

What is it do they really have to fear? The aggression in our voice they claim to hear, our wide nose the one’s they cut off sphinx so history could be stole, the natural muscle bulge the one in every sport you bet on for our hustle & tussle, the shine in the curl of my hair the melanin glow as it absorbs light you hate us but you creatures love our features!

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