Alpha Thought

Alpha Thought is a multifaceted artist and esoteric jeweler from Brooklyn, New York.  For the past 18 years, he has been perfecting his track production and writing abilities while simultaneously honing metal and crystal bending.

After putting his seminary education to an abrupt end, Alpha Thought was led into the study and application of alchemy. Specializing in crystal alchemy, the transmutation of the human mind, soul, and spirit using crystals; Thought has personally serviced over 1,000 clients with his crystal crafting abilities. 

Alpha Thought’s music is an extension of his alchemical workings and his “Great Work” is ready to be shared.
I recently interviewed Alpha Thought where he chatted more about his healing, music and mission in the world. Check out the interview below.

Can you tell the readers and myself about yourself and upbringing?

I’m from Brooklyn, New York. My dad used to have a business selling suits to most of the major pastors including TD Jakes, Hezekiah Walker, and the Winans. He would go to their houses and sell suits from out the trunk. I grew up in fashion, spirituality, and music. My dad was also signed to RCA music label when he was a teenager, so i was around music vibes since I was born. I was about nine or 10 when I started working with him. It was high quality apparel and I was always learning from him, so naturally I had a mindset for being a business owner.

My mom was a serious praise dancer and prayer warrior. She really was my example of how to seek God fervently. I played some college basketball as a point guard and had a partial scholarship at a seminary/christian college. I used to argue with the professors about the Bible, the true teachings of Jesus, and the semantics of the church; I was “woke” way before it was cool. At that time my line of thinking wasn’t accepted by the church or school, so I left both.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations and/or mentors? How did they impact your life?

My parents, Enoch, Thoth, Yeshua and Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi came to me in a dream a few days after his death. It was like I was in class for hours downloading and learning about the human meridian system and how crystals are like the external herbs for the body. He was making correlations I’ve never heard before. He was giving me an understanding I couldn’t find anywhere else. It was intricate with moving pictures and diagrams. I still regret not jumping up and writing every single detail down, but it felt like the thoughts and ideas downloaded into my bones and into my DNA. At the time I was dealing with failing health from Chron’s disease, so all of the teachings of these spiritual masters helped me to heal myself.

When did you know you had a passion for entrepreneurship?
It was written before I was born family.

You released a project, The Coma this past year and it reached #67 on the radio charts. How does such an accomplishment make you feel about yourself and your work?

The coma is #56 this week. It jumped 11 points on the global charts. The Coma is a tool to help wake up mankind. It was created and designed in the same manner I make my jewelry. It’s an alchemical creation the world needs to hear. It’s medicine. The world needs that and the Spirit of God is promoting it at this point. I’m grateful to those obedient to the Spirit, but this is one of those things that was written in my DNA before my birth. I’m thankful and grateful to be used in such a way.

How did you come up with the content and production to make great body of work that stands on its own without very much advertisement?

The Coma was the vibe at the time. It was the rumblings of the Spirit within me. I listen. I obey. I write it down. I record it. I’m watching this play out just like everyone else. The next records rumble quiet within me until it is time to spill them out.

Will there be any videos dropping for the project?

Yes. I’m shooting The Coma video shortly and I’m sure I will have lots of videos in the near future.

As many people already know besides being a music artist you’re a jewelry maker using natural crystals, how did you get into the business?

Fighting chron’s disease. Doctors wanted to cut out parts of my intestines, so for years I was frantically studying everything occult, everything crystal, and everything energy. At a certain point, all of my experiences were playing out in the work of my hands, and my work was eventually so good it didn’t make sense to do anything else.

#Alphaclient @train_with_fabian

What are some of the differences you have experienced between working for somebody else and working for yourself?

“Jobs and work”. It is all to keep in step and rhythm with the earth. How you keep rhythm is up to you, but in most of my jobs, i was out of rhythm because the overall job was set towards imbalance. Whether I was selling loans or selling whatever. Most of what I was doing was only helping myself or my employer. Working for myself I am able to set the tone for my business and focus on servicing the higher faculties in others. This has bought me a contentment. It’s not cool when funds get low, but if a man falls destitute, it is because he himself has become destitute; within his own actions, within his own habits and mind. If I fall short its because I have fallen short. That’s the difference. No one to lean on when i’m tired or when I don’t “feel” like it. I gotta make it happen or don’t eat. That’s the difference. My response and ability is all in my hands.

How many crystals and stones have you worked with and studied?

Im releasing an app shortly. It has over 150 crystals that I have personally used, all the Crystals I have tested, worn, and have a deep personal knowledge of.

You have created a unique crystal item I’ve never seen or heard of from any other crystal jewelry makers or sellers almost like a watch, how do you come about the creation of this item?

Yea it looks like a watch, but it’s not. I’ve been thinking about doing a watch like this for a while tho’, Lol. I’ma keep it in mind.

What great advice and words of wisdom can you offer our readers and future entrepreneurs?

If a man falls in to destitute it is because he has not learned to GATHER. The abundance of the earth flees no man willing to seek it. Go get it and bring it forth as a service unto your brother.


I refuse to fight your war and kill my brothers of the same complexion and oppression,

I rather be hated for what I am then loved for what I’m not.

Running around with your chest puffed up and head held high like you’re full of patriotism and pride,

More concerned with foreign affairs and oil than your own home land,

Legal terrorism was founded here Klu Klux Klan.

I live for a good fight it’s our plight,

it was never lace my Nike’s up and flight,

It has to embody my soul like civil rights,

But not for this Trump started a war to save his ass and ordered a lucky shot.

I don’t know what will happen now,

We have some difficult times ahead,

But it really doesn’t matter with me now,

I just want you to know we as a people will get to the promise land,

So I’m happy tonight,

Not worried about anything,

Fearing no man.

They Can’t Put Me In A Box

As the white devil dances in joy all we can do is give them disgusting glares as underneath we train & plan our strike as they kill our brothers & sisters and make them take penitentiary chances so bold.

Labeled the most dangerous not a stigma but a blessing so fuck what they’re saying we didn’t ask, my passion comes from all the pain so please keep hating & doubting me.

Momma always told me watch who I hang with but I attracted the ones who wanted to break the mold the one’s none of their systems could hold our struggle & hustle can’t be sold the strong never fold.

Against all odds they expected me to fall, through all their shade I climbed the mountain I’ll always shine the beginning was when they called my name now I’m the MVP.


At my lowest I was practicing and rehearsing waiting to scratch the surface. I had to focus, your future can change at any moment. Reality is the acceptance of the status quo, but success is you manifesting your situation.

Elevation is the growth in mentality and ability so please check your pride at the door. I give you the grittiest truth, let the words fall where they may in an elegant poetic way.

The struggle was everything, it put a chip on my shoulder. I’ll forever find the light in the darkness I don’t forget nothing that’s going to take me further. I refuse to loose clutch with conviction no hesitation.

Cut from a different cloth some say unapologetic others say raw but you gotta respect me my texture is one of the last so chess is the only game I play I’m always thinking legacy.


Not afraid to be different tired of being one or the same but gotta get the government’s consent or it’s one of two options physical inhalation or character assassination.

Financial freedom my only hope I use to think the only solution was selling dope, living in poverty with no other way to cope in today’s society hanging from a rope the equivalent to a prison uniform.

Break the cycle expand the limitations was my goal sick of seeing my brothers denied a 2nd chance we know the truth not on this land no consideration for my pigmentation.

Fuck living rich & dying broke I got the blueprint it’s free so take all your notes, big brother has allot of hate because I speak prison reform change the matrix determine our own fate and won’t conform.
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