New Black Gods

Silence speaks volumes especially when you don’t trust who’s around you, They’re stuck can’t quite figure you out all because all they can do in a loud room is scream and shout, but you told me you deserve a red nose and clown shoes.

Shush be quiet, just listen, you looked into my eyes and instantly saw the god you were missing, of course but to you there was no other choice taught to live for societies acceptance firmly believing in slave traditions. 

Wake up get your history, consciousness, and knowledge up stop hitting the club hollering turn up, tap into 19Keys, Derrick Grace, Ben X, Billionaire PA, Red & Blue Pill, Pop Darby, and Rizza Islam if you still need some clues.

In the inner city life shouldn’t be this depressing everywhere we look our brothers and sisters stressing, grab your Post Trump Pack, Golde Water, a crown, Seamoss, and a dream button that’s Black elevation, a purposeful destination.
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