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Neter Gold securely rests upon a foundation built from dreams of changing the world for the better. Neter Gold believes in uplifting the people and promoting self-empowerment. This is accomplished through community service and supporting local non-profit organizations while also promoting local artisans and their crafts. 

I recently interviewed the founder, Michael Nightwing, where he chatted on the inspiration behind the brand.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself? Growing up and still to this day who inspires you? How did they impact your life?

As a kid and even an adult I’ve always been inspired by the comic book hero Batman. As crazy as it seems I’ve found that this fictional character’s unbreakable will power and devotion to his craft as been a guiding light in my life. I’ve always wanted to obtain such mastery of myself that one day I could be considered a hero.

When did you know you wanted to go into business for yourself?

Since I was a kid! I, like many other kids my age, was obsessed with the Pokemon trading card game. So much so that I had WAY too many cards; useless cards. Like, I had so many copies of the common and uncommon cards it was insane. So I began to sell them to kids in my community. My mother helped me set up a little table and sign, like a lemonade stand but with better ROI, and it was game over from there! I was probably 10 or 11 at this time. I even kept that same energy when I transitioned to the Yu-Gi-Oh game a few years later.

How did you first come up with the Neter Gold Brand?

It started in 2015 under a different name.

What were some of your first corner stone items in establishing the brand?

I started out with just natural body scrubs. They are still some of my favorite items we well. Those scrubs really set the standard for our products and the way they are crafted. From there we added body butters to the mix and slowly but surely expanded to a more vast array of items.

Are all of your products made 100% organic and national?

Organic, no. Natural, yes. I’ve found in my research that organic is not always best. A lot of foods and such that are labeled organic still have chemicals in them, just ones that the agency that gives out the organic accreditation allow. Many small companies don’t have the “official” organic labeling but grow and their goods how nature intended.

How many items does your brand currently produce and sale?

Oh that’s a tough one! We have so many body care items and variations on top of our ever changing wooden hair tools then combined with out clothing…. I may be doing too much here. Geez, just thinking about it makes me dizzy!

Would you say one of your fan favorite items if not the favorite and most popular item is the natural oil infused combs/picks?

Oh, yes indeed! Once I introduced those to the party they quickly became a crowd pleaser. I honestly think it was a combination of my unique way of salesmanship and the unique characteristics of the products that allowed for buzz, both good and bad.

How did you come up with the idea to create natural oil infused combs/picks?

I originally infused a beard comb I had been working on after realizing that I didn’t take good enough care of my beard when I was working. So I wanted a better way to keep oils and moisture in the beard while also detangling and promoting health & growth. From there I just kept experimenting until I’ve gotten to this point.

Can you walk us through the process of making your handmade custom combs/picks?

Maybe one day, but not today.

10% of your proceeds are donated to Washington D.C NPO’s can you name them and tell us what they do?

Jan’s Tutoring House = a Washington D.C. based tutoring program for children in lower income areas. I’ve personally be a part of this program. From ages 6 to 18. I’m not sure where my life would be without them.

Bread for the city = a social services organization that helps families and individuals in need with food, social services, medical, and jobs.

Kayla’s Village = an organization that focuses on developing stronger families to help raise children to become world changers. They really focus on the development of children through a good home life.

The homeless children’s playtime project = this organization focuses on giving homeless children an escape from the weight that can be associated with being homeless in a major city. By focusing on fun and enjoyment they allow the children to truly take advantage of their childhood.

Recently you did a backpack drive and collected some backpacks for the youth, how many bags were you to purchase and pack?

We ended up with 32 backpacks that we filled with pens, papers, crayons, etc. It was a pretty good turnout for us since it was a last minute idea that my wife, Khrys, had. We plan to do it again next year but with more planning. Currently were doing a coat drive for children so we’re excited to see this one grow!

Any great words of wisdom and advice you can offer the readers?

Believe in yourself so much that others are forced to do the same
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