Olympic Committee

Every 4 years you hatefully digest truth with digest gods & goddesses amongst the regular average men & women, we call it progress young black athletes dominating the world your biggest fear because 400 plus years of injustices but until George Floyd the world ignored the fact we suffer here. Not just for any reason but the color of our skin makes it feel like hunting season & now that the world listens to us you try to strip us of platform we worked so hard for, you just want us to conform act like this discrimination is the norm not this time I’m not your negro and from these words a star is born a leader from this generation but a hero in the next. A hashtag turned into a organization that revolutionized the movement in behoovement you banned #BlackLivesMatter but wanted our support when you encountered 15 min of hate stop Asian hate was all the chatter, because if we raise our fist or kneel peacefully in solidarity it’s a lifetime ban considered treason like John Carlos & Colin Kaepernick black balled for an honorable reason. I was taught to live free & push the needle to new heights the world never thought to see, so the question we should ask “why represent a country that doesn’t support or represent us?”