What is justice?

In the world today I believe this is an era of renaissance we’re realizing the errors in legal system whether it’s prejudice, oppression, racism, or white privilege we the people are waking up but not to everything. Some people believe a judges or jury’s decision is justice but for what? In most cases these days people are losing their lives or in some interpretation being assaulted & taken advantage which is a violation of morality and humanity. I believe the legal/judiciary system cannot fully give justice because we cannot bring back a life, restore people’s health, or give time back to the wrongfully convicted so at best they can just hold people accountable to a degree. In this case most people are celebrating the conviction of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers when in fact it’s to early to celebrate anything we should/need wait until sentencing is handed out because of the discrepancy in time given between black & white criminals over the same crimes/violations.

Are You Really Surprised?

In recent news most of our beliefs have been confirmed with more evidence of the racist white supremacist justice system with the Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict. Not to my personal or most of my constituents surprise but still to the general public they’re shocked & outraged at the verdict, but why? Most people are taught & raised to believe in the justice and legal system of America because the truth shall rain supreme above all but in the 10 years we’ve witnessed very different under this microscope. From Trayvon Martin to Kyle Rittenhouse both 17 year old minors involved in murder cases/trials but on opposite spectrums in more ways than one see we have a young black male who was a victim and then we have a young white male the assailant. Trayvon Martin’s life was taken because of prejudice/racism in a community in which the killer was found innocent because Trayvon defended himself & had to much melanin to be considered a man maybe just 3/5 is what they say, but Kyle Rittenhouse who was carrying a weapon & murdered 2 while injuring a 3rd was found not guilty because of self defense referrals but ran towards danger and antagonized the people he wounded. Still no proper justice was served in either case but we the people know the truth and refuse to falsely believe in the hypocrisy of the law & legal system anymore and should solely resort to street justice until we overthrow this system that doesn’t serve us and have it fully abolished.

Senseless Violence Strikes Another R.I.P Young Dolph

Yesterday we as a culture & community would lose another son, brother, father, uncle, nephew, friend, entertainer, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Rapper (Adolph Robert Thorton Jr.) Young Dolph who was gunned down while buying cookies from a local shop he frequented in his hometown of Memphis Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. Over the years we’ve grown to experience many lives lost family & friends to street violence, gun violence, gang violence, police misconduct, but more importantly our underlying issue of black on black crime which is one that fits into every single category I’ve mentioned previously and it’s sickening. At some point we must get tired of our ignorance we have been officially “freed” from slavery since 1865 but in more cases than not we still suffer from the slave mentality in which we pit ourselves against one another not always physically but mentally, financially, sexually, and likeness for no apparent reason we as a people get caught up & engulfed with hate, envy, and jealousy. Most know & describe it as crab in a barrel syndrome in which we believe not everyone can support each other, not everyone can be successful, not everyone can be rich, like these are esoteric traits & experiences so we tend to belittle, assassinate character, and more regularly now take each other’s lives. To what end we should ask, the goal should be to unite, uplift, succeed, teach, and give back not destroy others because of self hate we need to do better as a people, community, and culture especially now in a pivotal time where our community & country seem to be taking steps back.

A Racist Oppressive System

If you have not been tuned into America’s latest episode of white supremacy you’re missing out as always. We’ve been watching & exploring teo separate murder cases in two states thousands of miles away in which all murderers are whit and all victims were black would anyone like to predict the outcome? The Justice system is looking more shakey & racist as we move forward because these defendants and their lawyers are making a mockery of everything we’re taught to believe with their requests to not have anymore black pastors in the courtroom and the fake theatrics to draw sympathy & empathy. Our country has reached a turbulent time over the past decade with these Civil Rights cases with the wrongful, unlawful, and prejudice murders of black & brown people on camera and over audio recording devices which you would think should be open & closed cases but to no avail especially in America. Where it always seems like we’re not innocent until proven guilty but guilty until proven innocent which the system blurs the lines & our image of that how that research these victims and flood the masses with negative history, encounters, and imagery of them almost like animals to get their justification sealed. We’ve always been told it’s getting better, be patient, and have faith but the only rectification is to abolish this system that was created in a time to protect “them” from us and create a new legal structure/system in which race, creed, color, or belief has no barring on the outcome but the actual facts & intent.

How Kamala Harris & Democracy Duped You!

Over the last week or so we as “Americans” have had a chance to see what some people already did. Ms. Harris was a puppet implanted on the Biden ticket to secure the victory by establishing a solid foundation with the black community & women voters. The Biden Regime & democratic party’s going on it’s 1st half reviews and they’re not looking to well to those supporters that voted for them and the illusion of change that was promised. Can the supporters of this ticket please comment the agendas they purposed to tackle or erect once elected? They’re tactics were those of deceit observing in the previous election that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because women came out to support at an all time high, while the previous two elections prior 2008 & 2012 were at an all time high of black supporters and voters. So it made it a no brainer to select a double minority to get back into the win column/office after Biden looked to severely have slim to little chance of victory but did the voters look at her history in the legal system a highly descriminate conviction rate for people of color, the way she conducted herself by sleeping with men in power to advance, and the way she used buzz words to connect to the people. You can also recall back to her speech after she was sworn in when she corrected the speaker after he said 1st black woman & she claimed 3 ethnicities/cultures except “African-American” after basing her whole campaign on that SMH and we’ve yet to see or hear from her since. Maybe it’s me but it seems to be they waved what appealed to the “black community” in their face like always knowing they wouldn’t research and support with blind hope/faith because of the pigment in her skin.