How Kamala Harris & Democracy Duped You!

Over the last week or so we as “Americans” have had a chance to see what some people already did. Ms. Harris was a puppet implanted on the Biden ticket to secure the victory by establishing a solid foundation with the black community & women voters. The Biden Regime & democratic party’s going on it’s 1st half reviews and they’re not looking to well to those supporters that voted for them and the illusion of change that was promised. Can the supporters of this ticket please comment the agendas they purposed to tackle or erect once elected? They’re tactics were those of deceit observing in the previous election that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because women came out to support at an all time high, while the previous two elections prior 2008 & 2012 were at an all time high of black supporters and voters. So it made it a no brainer to select a double minority to get back into the win column/office after Biden looked to severely have slim to little chance of victory but did the voters look at her history in the legal system a highly descriminate conviction rate for people of color, the way she conducted herself by sleeping with men in power to advance, and the way she used buzz words to connect to the people. You can also recall back to her speech after she was sworn in when she corrected the speaker after he said 1st black woman & she claimed 3 ethnicities/cultures except “African-American” after basing her whole campaign on that SMH and we’ve yet to see or hear from her since. Maybe it’s me but it seems to be they waved what appealed to the “black community” in their face like always knowing they wouldn’t research and support with blind hope/faith because of the pigment in her skin.
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