A Racist Oppressive System

If you have not been tuned into America’s latest episode of white supremacy you’re missing out as always. We’ve been watching & exploring teo separate murder cases in two states thousands of miles away in which all murderers are whit and all victims were black would anyone like to predict the outcome? The Justice system is looking more shakey & racist as we move forward because these defendants and their lawyers are making a mockery of everything we’re taught to believe with their requests to not have anymore black pastors in the courtroom and the fake theatrics to draw sympathy & empathy. Our country has reached a turbulent time over the past decade with these Civil Rights cases with the wrongful, unlawful, and prejudice murders of black & brown people on camera and over audio recording devices which you would think should be open & closed cases but to no avail especially in America. Where it always seems like we’re not innocent until proven guilty but guilty until proven innocent which the system blurs the lines & our image of that how that research these victims and flood the masses with negative history, encounters, and imagery of them almost like animals to get their justification sealed. We’ve always been told it’s getting better, be patient, and have faith but the only rectification is to abolish this system that was created in a time to protect “them” from us and create a new legal structure/system in which race, creed, color, or belief has no barring on the outcome but the actual facts & intent.
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