Senseless Violence Strikes Another R.I.P Young Dolph

Yesterday we as a culture & community would lose another son, brother, father, uncle, nephew, friend, entertainer, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Rapper (Adolph Robert Thorton Jr.) Young Dolph who was gunned down while buying cookies from a local shop he frequented in his hometown of Memphis Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. Over the years we’ve grown to experience many lives lost family & friends to street violence, gun violence, gang violence, police misconduct, but more importantly our underlying issue of black on black crime which is one that fits into every single category I’ve mentioned previously and it’s sickening. At some point we must get tired of our ignorance we have been officially “freed” from slavery since 1865 but in more cases than not we still suffer from the slave mentality in which we pit ourselves against one another not always physically but mentally, financially, sexually, and likeness for no apparent reason we as a people get caught up & engulfed with hate, envy, and jealousy. Most know & describe it as crab in a barrel syndrome in which we believe not everyone can support each other, not everyone can be successful, not everyone can be rich, like these are esoteric traits & experiences so we tend to belittle, assassinate character, and more regularly now take each other’s lives. To what end we should ask, the goal should be to unite, uplift, succeed, teach, and give back not destroy others because of self hate we need to do better as a people, community, and culture especially now in a pivotal time where our community & country seem to be taking steps back.
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