What is justice?

In the world today I believe this is an era of renaissance we’re realizing the errors in legal system whether it’s prejudice, oppression, racism, or white privilege we the people are waking up but not to everything. Some people believe a judges or jury’s decision is justice but for what? In most cases these days people are losing their lives or in some interpretation being assaulted & taken advantage which is a violation of morality and humanity. I believe the legal/judiciary system cannot fully give justice because we cannot bring back a life, restore people’s health, or give time back to the wrongfully convicted so at best they can just hold people accountable to a degree. In this case most people are celebrating the conviction of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers when in fact it’s to early to celebrate anything we should/need wait until sentencing is handed out because of the discrepancy in time given between black & white criminals over the same crimes/violations.

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