So…Worth The Swap?


Waking Up To A Taste Of Freedom On US Soil This Morning Is WNBA Phoenix Mercury Player And Olympic Medalist Brittney Griner. Tears Of Joy Welcome Her From Her Family, Friends, Co-workers and Onlookers.

However, A uproar has occurred after Biden administration agrees in the exchange of Griner’s release for a Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. Bout serving 11 years of his 25 year sentence is one of Washington’s highest-profile prisoner swaps with Moscow since the Cold War. Bout caught selling illegal arms to Colombian Rebels who intended to kill Americans. The roar coming in loud from conservatives in the US claiming a bad swap by the president. Conservatives giving the White House lip about leaving behind Paul Whelan a former Marine arrested on allegations of spying in 2018. The negotiation was to be had for the release of Brittney and Paul.


Overjoyed for Brittney ‘s Return.

Now, this is a conversation for conservatives but a celebration for the African-American community. Was the exchange questionable? Sure, but so is the conversation about how other lives matter more than black lives. How some still feel long-suffering is a African Americans curse, like we’re prisoners of their generational hate. The exchange was truth. It took the release for a spun of evil who was cycling death on the is earth powered by the greed for financial needs, another root of evil. Our sista traveled with meds that helped her health be it mental, physical or spiritual. Prosecuted for a God Given Plant That brought no harm to other beings. A Loving Friend, Family Member, Pro- Athlete, USA Olympic Medalist. A Credible Human Being Who Choose To Self Medicate While Achieving Her Life Goals. Jah gave her another accolade a “Survivor.” Jah if Paul isn’t lying bout not spying, then an usher him a safe trip home In Yaweh’s Name.

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