The Spook Who Sat By The Door

So last night after a hard fought basketball game the Laker’s had lost so now to the main event of the night Lebron James. The unanimous face of the NBA the last decade plus pound for pound one of the five best players to play the game in its entirety, one of the best business minds as far as active athletes but not a speaker of the people. One who’s ” a billionaire” with a network and platform as large as his should be doing more championing & defending his people/peers. He recently had an opportunity to defend Kyrie Irving & show his former teammate some support in his findings, post, and discovery because it was lebron who once said “I will not shut up dribble” but instead didn’t show support or attempt to stop the media’s wrong doing/overreaction. The people who support Lebron James his fans are now starting to realize how selfish this man is so he undoubtedly had to get back in favor of the true commodity of the people. In his newest attempt to be the ambassador of the culture he touches on the recent discovery of a 65 year old picture of Jerry Jones in defense of Kyrie Irving’s media portrayal but only after he was unjustly penalized though.

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