Healing with Cannabis

Can you please tell myself & the reader’s about yourself?

Yes, my name is Claudia F. Almanza, I am a proud Latina raised in San Diego, East Dago to be exact. Proud mother of a sixteen year old boy whom I’ve raised on my own with my family. Being a parent changed my life and in many ways lead to where I am now with cannabis.

Growing up & still to this day who inspires you? How did they impact your life?

Growing up I was inspired by music, old school hip hop, like Eric B. and Rakim, Boogie Down Productions, and Gangstarr, to name a few. Music has always inspired me and the culture I grew up in, which was hood-rich. Music and the hip hop genre influenced me and impacted my life because that’s all I had which was motivating and good. My home life wasn’t Disneyland nor was my father around, but music and hanging out on the block was. Break dancing and local kids rapping on the corner or at local parks was a daily routine but so were drugs and gangs. My first romantic song I identified with was L.L. Cool J’s “I Need Love”, man I thought the song was life! My mother is the most inspiring person because she raised us through her struggles and never complained about it. A strong determined Latina whom always treated people with respect and loved to say: “it’s not where you live, it’s how you live”. I have memories of my mom making bean and cheese burritos, all homemade, from government rations she received. She would make there simple burritos and shared them with all the kids in my neighborhood, even some of the dope dealers. So definitely influenced by my mom and hip hop.

What influenced you to get into the cannabis field?

Breaking into Cannabis was out of necessity due to my physical health. Also, when I lost my little brother in 2015 I wanted to do something in his honor and he was a cannabis user and believed in all its medicinal properties. So I knew cannabis is where I needed to be. I developed some topical products for my personal use because dispensary products were mediocre and very expensive to use everyday. I stared with oils and graduated to creams and sports products.

Can you tell about your brand & it’s unique name Mandor’s Magic?

Yes, the name “Mandor” was my brother’s screen name on various gaming sites and Instagram. He referred to himself as Mandor. The “Magic” came from me which is connected to the magical healing properties of cannabis. My brand is me, my brother, my family, my culture, and represents natural healing.

What are some of the products you make & produce? What are their usages & intent?

Some of my products include cannabis infused oils and cannabis creams. The intent is to heal naturally, for example, the oil is used for severe pain and the cream can be used for everyday aches and pains, such as, arthritis, muscle soreness, or even headaches. My oil can be consumed because it is made with olive and coconut oils. Some of my family members currently use my cream for eczema and others use it to treat diabetes. Myself, I used my cream everyday for my knees which are plagued by pain due to meniscus tears.

What upcoming events & products can we expect to see from you?

Currently, I am working on licensing with my local government agency and plan to work with dispensaries on wholesale orders. I also attend various events around San Diego and recently attended the Coachella Valley Cannabis Convention where I passed out over 100 samples of my cream.

Product development leads me to sports related items, such as, the sport stick I created. I call it fire and it’s still under development and testing. I am also working on cannabis sports tapes for turf burn. Which is something I made for my son to help him during football season. The tape minimized his turf burn and healed him quickly.

What great advice or words of can you lend to us millennials?

Millennials, I love y’all! You guys/gals offer fresh perspective on just about anything y’all are passionate about. I embrace your generation because you all believe in cannabis and in general  the right to be who we want to be. The advice I would give is the same I tell my son, the more you know the less others will make choices for you. Read and question everything, have open dialogue with what you do not know about. Continue embracing difference and teach each other about each other. Never let anyone tell you that cannabis is bad and that your opinion isn’t valid.


DJ Vlad‘s interviews with a talented young producer and entrepreneur by the name of Young Chop. Vlad open the interview asking Chop why so many Chicago rappers are getting shot? Chop feels if your mentioning any gang affiliation or dissing anyone, be prepared for what’s to back it up and he said that’s for any rapper.

Chop says “Maybe it’s because we [are] more in the street s*** than most n*****. Chicago is big on gangs and s***. This s*** means something to these n***** out here. I don’t know why, but it just means some s*** to these n*****.”

He explains, how for most youth the gang life was not a choice. How they were simply born into it! Chop even shares how many innocent bystanders are targeted not affiliated all because of . Chicago earning the state a new title “Chiraq” a term endured for similarities to that of a war zone. I can honestly say I’ve found myself praying for Chicago  more even tho the city of Los Angeles, Ca has an eqvaulante amount of gang violence and def. not new to it. The rise of downfalls in our communities is saddening. Why aren’t we marching for the sake of ourselves? DJ Vlad is right it seems more upcoming rappers are losing their lives, deading the possible rise of up coming stars. Watch the interview below and then… 


The Breakfast Club gets Max B on the phone for an interview, Max comes in talking over that annoying inmate collect call reminder. The interview takes way and Maxed was asked about the wave jacking process with Kanye?, You’ll honestly be surprised about his answer. The relationship between Him and Wiz was that of just support of freeing Max B.  Charlemagne acknowledges to Lisa Ramos that Max thinks she’s something special, once he’s free he would love to take her to dinner. Follow the site now and sign the petition to “Free Max B” 100,000 signatures are needed by 02/26/16. Rap icon Max B, also known as Charly Wingate, was found guilty of involvement in a robbery that left a man dead. Charly was sentenced to 40 years on September 4th 2009, without any convincing evidence presented by the state. Charly was accused of orchestrating a robbery and then convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and murder. Many feel the rapper’s conviction was unusually harsh, cruel and unlawful. On August 30th 2012, Max B’s appeal for a retrial was denied with no further notice. We are looking to approach Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama for a pardon, or at the very least, a retrial.


You must watch these video’s of a Miami Doctor attacking a Uber Driver! Question why didn’t anyone call the police, in fact they were somewhere near the whole chaos. Anjali Ramkissoon the attacker, has been placed on administrative leave from work, also suspended from the use of uber, with a slap on the hand hmmm… Imagine that, and even settled out of court for damages! the driver didn’t even file charges. Let it have been me would, laws knows I’d be phoning home. [ WATCH BOTH CLIPS NOW!] Then share what’s on your mentals below in the comment area, and subscribe to my site! 



StoneyThaDealer Interviews on “TheKickBackShow”


This past monday night @8pm StoneyThaDealer went to church on “TheKickBackShow.” Faahz and Dj Swivll giving the most realistic kick back interview ever, Follow them on www.Traklife.com Now! Sharing this pass holiday and speaking on their Thanksgiving. Stoney shares how he spent his holiday, and what was made especially for him. Excited about new life to come, creating hashtags like #WheresTiana Checkout out the brief clipping on YouTube. The interview was very authentic, playing a game called “what’s in your cup,” which contained a cup full of questions. Faahz Giving Stoney a pass on the cup challenge. Speaking on their day to day grinds and how the Deala, deals. Spinning several dope Tracks by Stoney and a few of his label mates Problem & BadLucc from “Diamond Lane Music Group.” Stoney shared the love for his label mates considering them a family. He spoke on losing his two best friends, one now deceased, which gave the song “White Riviera” life Stoney shares. He shares the car he spoke on had belonged to his friend that passed. Also losing a Bestfriend who was sentenced to  quite a bit of time. In some form Problem and BadLucc have filled in where Stoney has lost. Both artists are showing him brotherly love. I suggest you Prepare yourself for a DiamondLane take over. All artist have been collaborating in & out of house with all types of talented artist, their new artist StoneyThaDealer is definitely showing he can deliver.


StoneyThaDealer on the “KickBackShow”