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420 Green Honey

The revolution in a world of polution your ambience could spark a renaissance,

sweetest solutions most unobtainable with that of dear money.

So bright & cunning most thoughts of evolution, ethereal & stunning every moment with Mary Jane isn’t funny.

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It’s Just The Way It Is

Once ruler’s of many nations never boys always labeled kings.

Stripped and chained cast under struggle never able to reclaim the name.

Just pondering did my ancestors know nothing would be the same.

Lavish life portrayed as drug using, foreign cars, watches, chains, and gold rings.

Only physical royalty perceived to only have money & material things.

Wake up stop being a slave without physical chains.

Don’t continue being their next puppets without strings,

Why do we never understand psychological it can be detrimental.




You are Priceless…
In our culture today the real value of the feminine has been far undervalued and under-appreciated.
We tend to value things that we can touch, see, or understand with our logical mind.
But the real essence of who you are as a woman is beyond form, dancing in the unseen, intangible realms. The beauty of the feminine is your mystery As a woman one of your gifts is your profound intuition. You sense, see, and feel things beyond the physical. You know things way in advance. People may call you crazy, unreasonable, even unrealistic, but know that nothing revolutionary was created by dreaming small and buying into limitations.We need your feminine gifts now on this planet more than ever in human history. We need your vision and your multi-dimensional sensitivity.You as a woman have that ability to breathe LIFE into something where there was nothing and give it form.There is a reason that when you love you light up a room.There is reason that when you give yourself to your man and support him with your heart’s devotion , his entire life transforms and even his income increases.Your value is not in how you look, how much you weight, how nice your skin is, whether you have no wrinkles or cellulite. Just you being an open-hearted, radiant, blessing force of love… you are the gift in itself. Just you allowing your soul-shine to smile upon all those you come in contact with is grace. So, never sell your heart, body, or soul for love. The love you will get this way isn’t real. Stay true to who you are and your inner-knowing. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give us as men: your authentic heart’s offering. If you aren’t you because you want us to love you, then we don’t really have you anyways. You being fully self-expressed as the feminine is the gift. There is nothing you need todo and nothing you need to prove. I know we live in a culture where doing is worshiped, but know that just your presence is everything. Do you really know the power you have to resurrect a life and give hope just with your compassion and care? Do you really know the POWER you have to shape the future? Do you REALLY know the power you have?

By: onemonzta_hd