White Walker OG


This is a great strain. It’s very sticky, and covered in trichomes. The smell was so dank! I wish my house smelled like this. Anyway, the taste was great. Very sweet taste with a hint of that great flower taste. WWOG was very relaxing, and uplifting. Makes you happy, and wraps you in its warm comfort. The body high was on point and had me  so relaxed. Relieved me of my back and knee pain hella quick. I love it. Great job Tryke, and I definitely will smoke this strain again.wwOG1

Dutch Treat Haze

I picked up this pretty little flower at Reef Dispensary, here in Las Vegas Nevada. This particular flower isn’t as “loud” as I’d been hearing, but it does have a nice earthy, piney smell, with orange hairs all over it. The high took a while to kick in for me. Sadly this didn’t do much for me. The head high was very light. No body high at all. It did however slightly boost my mood. I’d recommend Dutch Treat Haze to new smokers or elderly people. I was let down a little, because I’ve only heard good things about DTH. It definitely isn’t worth  50 something dollars for an 1/8 that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll try this strain from another grower before I completely give up on it.

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Dutch Treat Haze grown by Tryke Companies
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