The Spook Who Sat By The Door

So last night after a hard fought basketball game the Laker’s had lost so now to the main event of the night Lebron James. The unanimous face of the NBA the last decade plus pound for pound one of the five best players to play the game in its entirety, one of the best business minds as far as active athletes but not a speaker of the people. One who’s ” a billionaire” with a network and platform as large as his should be doing more championing & defending his people/peers. He recently had an opportunity to defend Kyrie Irving & show his former teammate some support in his findings, post, and discovery because it was lebron who once said “I will not shut up dribble” but instead didn’t show support or attempt to stop the media’s wrong doing/overreaction. The people who support Lebron James his fans are now starting to realize how selfish this man is so he undoubtedly had to get back in favor of the true commodity of the people. In his newest attempt to be the ambassador of the culture he touches on the recent discovery of a 65 year old picture of Jerry Jones in defense of Kyrie Irving’s media portrayal but only after he was unjustly penalized though.

The One

Don’t tell me you love me show me stimulate my mind lets talk about our political views, spiritual beliefs, and ambitions/goals.
Don’t tell me you want me show me, support my endeavors, listen to me vent, be there for me in every way not just physical it’s more than sex to me.
Let’s create a life where we don’t know any boundaries & rules, baby lets go real fast pedal to the metal ignoring all the tolls.
You want to spend your life with me don’t tell me show me cook for me, show me your independence, allow me into your vulnerability, love all of me, and lets talk about family legacy!!!

What is justice?

In the world today I believe this is an era of renaissance we’re realizing the errors in legal system whether it’s prejudice, oppression, racism, or white privilege we the people are waking up but not to everything. Some people believe a judges or jury’s decision is justice but for what? In most cases these days people are losing their lives or in some interpretation being assaulted & taken advantage which is a violation of morality and humanity. I believe the legal/judiciary system cannot fully give justice because we cannot bring back a life, restore people’s health, or give time back to the wrongfully convicted so at best they can just hold people accountable to a degree. In this case most people are celebrating the conviction of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers when in fact it’s to early to celebrate anything we should/need wait until sentencing is handed out because of the discrepancy in time given between black & white criminals over the same crimes/violations.

Are You Really Surprised?

In recent news most of our beliefs have been confirmed with more evidence of the racist white supremacist justice system with the Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict. Not to my personal or most of my constituents surprise but still to the general public they’re shocked & outraged at the verdict, but why? Most people are taught & raised to believe in the justice and legal system of America because the truth shall rain supreme above all but in the 10 years we’ve witnessed very different under this microscope. From Trayvon Martin to Kyle Rittenhouse both 17 year old minors involved in murder cases/trials but on opposite spectrums in more ways than one see we have a young black male who was a victim and then we have a young white male the assailant. Trayvon Martin’s life was taken because of prejudice/racism in a community in which the killer was found innocent because Trayvon defended himself & had to much melanin to be considered a man maybe just 3/5 is what they say, but Kyle Rittenhouse who was carrying a weapon & murdered 2 while injuring a 3rd was found not guilty because of self defense referrals but ran towards danger and antagonized the people he wounded. Still no proper justice was served in either case but we the people know the truth and refuse to falsely believe in the hypocrisy of the law & legal system anymore and should solely resort to street justice until we overthrow this system that doesn’t serve us and have it fully abolished.

Senseless Violence Strikes Another R.I.P Young Dolph

Yesterday we as a culture & community would lose another son, brother, father, uncle, nephew, friend, entertainer, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Rapper (Adolph Robert Thorton Jr.) Young Dolph who was gunned down while buying cookies from a local shop he frequented in his hometown of Memphis Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. Over the years we’ve grown to experience many lives lost family & friends to street violence, gun violence, gang violence, police misconduct, but more importantly our underlying issue of black on black crime which is one that fits into every single category I’ve mentioned previously and it’s sickening. At some point we must get tired of our ignorance we have been officially “freed” from slavery since 1865 but in more cases than not we still suffer from the slave mentality in which we pit ourselves against one another not always physically but mentally, financially, sexually, and likeness for no apparent reason we as a people get caught up & engulfed with hate, envy, and jealousy. Most know & describe it as crab in a barrel syndrome in which we believe not everyone can support each other, not everyone can be successful, not everyone can be rich, like these are esoteric traits & experiences so we tend to belittle, assassinate character, and more regularly now take each other’s lives. To what end we should ask, the goal should be to unite, uplift, succeed, teach, and give back not destroy others because of self hate we need to do better as a people, community, and culture especially now in a pivotal time where our community & country seem to be taking steps back.

A Racist Oppressive System

If you have not been tuned into America’s latest episode of white supremacy you’re missing out as always. We’ve been watching & exploring teo separate murder cases in two states thousands of miles away in which all murderers are whit and all victims were black would anyone like to predict the outcome? The Justice system is looking more shakey & racist as we move forward because these defendants and their lawyers are making a mockery of everything we’re taught to believe with their requests to not have anymore black pastors in the courtroom and the fake theatrics to draw sympathy & empathy. Our country has reached a turbulent time over the past decade with these Civil Rights cases with the wrongful, unlawful, and prejudice murders of black & brown people on camera and over audio recording devices which you would think should be open & closed cases but to no avail especially in America. Where it always seems like we’re not innocent until proven guilty but guilty until proven innocent which the system blurs the lines & our image of that how that research these victims and flood the masses with negative history, encounters, and imagery of them almost like animals to get their justification sealed. We’ve always been told it’s getting better, be patient, and have faith but the only rectification is to abolish this system that was created in a time to protect “them” from us and create a new legal structure/system in which race, creed, color, or belief has no barring on the outcome but the actual facts & intent.

How Kamala Harris & Democracy Duped You!

Over the last week or so we as “Americans” have had a chance to see what some people already did. Ms. Harris was a puppet implanted on the Biden ticket to secure the victory by establishing a solid foundation with the black community & women voters. The Biden Regime & democratic party’s going on it’s 1st half reviews and they’re not looking to well to those supporters that voted for them and the illusion of change that was promised. Can the supporters of this ticket please comment the agendas they purposed to tackle or erect once elected? They’re tactics were those of deceit observing in the previous election that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because women came out to support at an all time high, while the previous two elections prior 2008 & 2012 were at an all time high of black supporters and voters. So it made it a no brainer to select a double minority to get back into the win column/office after Biden looked to severely have slim to little chance of victory but did the voters look at her history in the legal system a highly descriminate conviction rate for people of color, the way she conducted herself by sleeping with men in power to advance, and the way she used buzz words to connect to the people. You can also recall back to her speech after she was sworn in when she corrected the speaker after he said 1st black woman & she claimed 3 ethnicities/cultures except “African-American” after basing her whole campaign on that SMH and we’ve yet to see or hear from her since. Maybe it’s me but it seems to be they waved what appealed to the “black community” in their face like always knowing they wouldn’t research and support with blind hope/faith because of the pigment in her skin.


They pretend but could never understand the man I am, the road I’ve traveled obstacles I’ve faced because I didn’t like what I experienced & would see.

Who knew I had the answers the whole time I just had to focus & remain humble and look deep down inside of me, living everyday alone mentally detached I looked into my pain & saw I was and depressed.

Running on fumes but nobody was there to come to the rescue all the positivity & good I’ve done I sacrificed it all for you, but who’s here for me?

Everytime I’m sick & tired and think I’m finished I look & dig deep I find more pain fill up & replenish, with success & breaking generational curses I’m obsessed the creator can attest so I’ll never quit but now & then I fall and breakdown.

Hemp Day

On August 28th there will be a first ever “..Hemp Day..” event in the Hudson Valley area of New York. 

The Hudson Valley (also known as the Hudson River Valley) comprises the valley of the Hudson River and its adjacent communities in the U.S. state of New York. The region stretches from the Capital District including Albanyand Troy south to Yonkers in Westchester County, bordering New York City.

Dan Watkins, the President of GreenCELL, a New Jersey Farm operator who specializes in hemp cultivation management, processing and manufacturing of CBD nationally, was appointed Chief Growth Officer of Hempire State Growers, Inc. and will be attending and speaking at this first ever Hemp Day event in Stuyvesant, NY at 

Dan is a 4th generation, combat veteran, of pan-African and Hispanic decent, who after 25 years and 1,000+ accolades in intentional, compliance, capital markets and banking experience, has chosen to become a farmer of farmers, helping to grow food and medicine for communities as well as help others get started and execute on their business goals and success.

As Chief Growth Officer at HSG, a Hepworth Farms company, Dan oversees: Hemp market strategy, revenue generation and investment in the company. 

Dan is among many other professionals in the hemp/cannabis state, literally an hour or so north of New York City.

If you’re able to come to New York, or are in the New York metro area, come check out Dan “NJ Hemp Farmer” from  GreenCELL™ and many others at #HempDay in the Hudson Valley.

for more information on Dan or his hemp, cannabis and farm projects please send an email to: …”

Olympic Committee

Every 4 years you hatefully digest truth with digest gods & goddesses amongst the regular average men & women, we call it progress young black athletes dominating the world your biggest fear because 400 plus years of injustices but until George Floyd the world ignored the fact we suffer here. Not just for any reason but the color of our skin makes it feel like hunting season & now that the world listens to us you try to strip us of platform we worked so hard for, you just want us to conform act like this discrimination is the norm not this time I’m not your negro and from these words a star is born a leader from this generation but a hero in the next. A hashtag turned into a organization that revolutionized the movement in behoovement you banned #BlackLivesMatter but wanted our support when you encountered 15 min of hate stop Asian hate was all the chatter, because if we raise our fist or kneel peacefully in solidarity it’s a lifetime ban considered treason like John Carlos & Colin Kaepernick black balled for an honorable reason. I was taught to live free & push the needle to new heights the world never thought to see, so the question we should ask “why represent a country that doesn’t support or represent us?”


When the chips were down life kept beating us but pride wouldn’t let us scream and shout our heads filled with everything but doubt. 

Our days were dark and our hearts were heavy nothing could ease our pain but the memories were our bliss pure serenity.

Betrayed our trust and blew up our world everything I shared you traded for nothing more than money and clout.

We were naive I’m glad we’re not the people we use to be, you were like kin to me so close we couldn’t see you were the enemy now we’re at your head assassination like Kennedy.

Neter Gold

Neter Gold securely rests upon a foundation built from dreams of changing the world for the better. Neter Gold believes in uplifting the people and promoting self-empowerment. This is accomplished through community service and supporting local non-profit organizations while also promoting local artisans and their crafts. 

I recently interviewed the founder, Michael Nightwing, where he chatted on the inspiration behind the brand.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself? Growing up and still to this day who inspires you? How did they impact your life?

As a kid and even an adult I’ve always been inspired by the comic book hero Batman. As crazy as it seems I’ve found that this fictional character’s unbreakable will power and devotion to his craft as been a guiding light in my life. I’ve always wanted to obtain such mastery of myself that one day I could be considered a hero.

When did you know you wanted to go into business for yourself?

Since I was a kid! I, like many other kids my age, was obsessed with the Pokemon trading card game. So much so that I had WAY too many cards; useless cards. Like, I had so many copies of the common and uncommon cards it was insane. So I began to sell them to kids in my community. My mother helped me set up a little table and sign, like a lemonade stand but with better ROI, and it was game over from there! I was probably 10 or 11 at this time. I even kept that same energy when I transitioned to the Yu-Gi-Oh game a few years later.

How did you first come up with the Neter Gold Brand?

It started in 2015 under a different name.

What were some of your first corner stone items in establishing the brand?

I started out with just natural body scrubs. They are still some of my favorite items we well. Those scrubs really set the standard for our products and the way they are crafted. From there we added body butters to the mix and slowly but surely expanded to a more vast array of items.

Are all of your products made 100% organic and national?

Organic, no. Natural, yes. I’ve found in my research that organic is not always best. A lot of foods and such that are labeled organic still have chemicals in them, just ones that the agency that gives out the organic accreditation allow. Many small companies don’t have the “official” organic labeling but grow and their goods how nature intended.

How many items does your brand currently produce and sale?

Oh that’s a tough one! We have so many body care items and variations on top of our ever changing wooden hair tools then combined with out clothing…. I may be doing too much here. Geez, just thinking about it makes me dizzy!

Would you say one of your fan favorite items if not the favorite and most popular item is the natural oil infused combs/picks?

Oh, yes indeed! Once I introduced those to the party they quickly became a crowd pleaser. I honestly think it was a combination of my unique way of salesmanship and the unique characteristics of the products that allowed for buzz, both good and bad.

How did you come up with the idea to create natural oil infused combs/picks?

I originally infused a beard comb I had been working on after realizing that I didn’t take good enough care of my beard when I was working. So I wanted a better way to keep oils and moisture in the beard while also detangling and promoting health & growth. From there I just kept experimenting until I’ve gotten to this point.

Can you walk us through the process of making your handmade custom combs/picks?

Maybe one day, but not today.

10% of your proceeds are donated to Washington D.C NPO’s can you name them and tell us what they do?

Jan’s Tutoring House = a Washington D.C. based tutoring program for children in lower income areas. I’ve personally be a part of this program. From ages 6 to 18. I’m not sure where my life would be without them.

Bread for the city = a social services organization that helps families and individuals in need with food, social services, medical, and jobs.

Kayla’s Village = an organization that focuses on developing stronger families to help raise children to become world changers. They really focus on the development of children through a good home life.

The homeless children’s playtime project = this organization focuses on giving homeless children an escape from the weight that can be associated with being homeless in a major city. By focusing on fun and enjoyment they allow the children to truly take advantage of their childhood.

Recently you did a backpack drive and collected some backpacks for the youth, how many bags were you to purchase and pack?

We ended up with 32 backpacks that we filled with pens, papers, crayons, etc. It was a pretty good turnout for us since it was a last minute idea that my wife, Khrys, had. We plan to do it again next year but with more planning. Currently were doing a coat drive for children so we’re excited to see this one grow!

Any great words of wisdom and advice you can offer the readers?

Believe in yourself so much that others are forced to do the same

Spice Nutt

Spice Nutt was created by two moms, Estrelitta Harmon and Sandy Mill. Their passion for food made them fall in love with spices, but it was their daughters that made them turn that passion into a business! 

By shopping with Spice Nutt, you’re supporting a Black Owned, Women Owned, Mama Owned Small Business and helping us care for our families and children. 

I recently interviewed Sandy where she chatted more about the business. Check out the interview below.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself?

Hi, I’m Sandy Mill CEO of Spicenutt. I’m a 32 year old mom and entrepreneur. Currently I am a resident of Hyde Park, Chicago Illinois! 

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations/mentors? How did they impact your life?

Growing up I was a big fan of 2Pac Shakur and Maya Angelou. Maya got my attention very early on. As a young writer, I was inspired by her poems and the art of her storytelling. She taught me how to be expressive and gave me the confidence to create. In my late teens, I developed a love for 2Pac Shakur. He struck me with the fearlessness he embodied and it taught me to have courage! 

When did you know you had a passion for entrepreneurship?

I knew I had a passion for entrepreneurship at 18-years old. After working various jobs and rising to the top quickly, I learned I was an employer instead of an employee. 

What made you first get into the spice making industry?

I have always enjoyed cooking. It became very important for me to learn the ingredients of the meals I consumed. After having my first child, I met my like-minded business partner and friend Estrelitta Harmon. One day over casual conversation we were sharing recipes and it dawned on me that we both had a lot to offer.

I discovered that we both used a lot of single spices to create each meal, unlike most people who just buys blends to make their food. Later that night I thought how can we package this up and share with the people our way of doing things. Late that night at 3 a.m. Spice Nutt was born.

If you had to say how many spices your company currently works with and sells?

We currently have 18  variety spices with 5 custom Blends. 

Is your company a small operation ran in house or do you have a warehouse and outsource?

Our company is a small operation ran in-house.

Are the spices you make and sell naturally organic?

Currently the spices are not organic. 

Where can people find your spices?

Shop at

Does your spices ship to other countries/continents?

We do ship internationally, but shipping rates will apply and there is a minimum order rate.

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer our readers and future entrepreneurs?

We at Spice Nutt think it is hugely important to cook at home! We want people to understand the ingredients that are used in their food and their benefits. We have a love for spices and would like our customers to enjoy the love that is put into each package! As an entrepreneur I would like for every one listening to take action. Be a dreamer but take action to make your dreams a reality. 

We are on LinkedInTictokInstagram, and Facebook at Spicenutt.

New Black Gods

Silence speaks volumes especially when you don’t trust who’s around you, They’re stuck can’t quite figure you out all because all they can do in a loud room is scream and shout, but you told me you deserve a red nose and clown shoes.

Shush be quiet, just listen, you looked into my eyes and instantly saw the god you were missing, of course but to you there was no other choice taught to live for societies acceptance firmly believing in slave traditions. 

Wake up get your history, consciousness, and knowledge up stop hitting the club hollering turn up, tap into 19Keys, Derrick Grace, Ben X, Billionaire PA, Red & Blue Pill, Pop Darby, and Rizza Islam if you still need some clues.

In the inner city life shouldn’t be this depressing everywhere we look our brothers and sisters stressing, grab your Post Trump Pack, Golde Water, a crown, Seamoss, and a dream button that’s Black elevation, a purposeful destination.

Alpha Thought

Alpha Thought is a multifaceted artist and esoteric jeweler from Brooklyn, New York.  For the past 18 years, he has been perfecting his track production and writing abilities while simultaneously honing metal and crystal bending.

After putting his seminary education to an abrupt end, Alpha Thought was led into the study and application of alchemy. Specializing in crystal alchemy, the transmutation of the human mind, soul, and spirit using crystals; Thought has personally serviced over 1,000 clients with his crystal crafting abilities. 

Alpha Thought’s music is an extension of his alchemical workings and his “Great Work” is ready to be shared.
I recently interviewed Alpha Thought where he chatted more about his healing, music and mission in the world. Check out the interview below.

Can you tell the readers and myself about yourself and upbringing?

I’m from Brooklyn, New York. My dad used to have a business selling suits to most of the major pastors including TD Jakes, Hezekiah Walker, and the Winans. He would go to their houses and sell suits from out the trunk. I grew up in fashion, spirituality, and music. My dad was also signed to RCA music label when he was a teenager, so i was around music vibes since I was born. I was about nine or 10 when I started working with him. It was high quality apparel and I was always learning from him, so naturally I had a mindset for being a business owner.

My mom was a serious praise dancer and prayer warrior. She really was my example of how to seek God fervently. I played some college basketball as a point guard and had a partial scholarship at a seminary/christian college. I used to argue with the professors about the Bible, the true teachings of Jesus, and the semantics of the church; I was “woke” way before it was cool. At that time my line of thinking wasn’t accepted by the church or school, so I left both.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations and/or mentors? How did they impact your life?

My parents, Enoch, Thoth, Yeshua and Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi came to me in a dream a few days after his death. It was like I was in class for hours downloading and learning about the human meridian system and how crystals are like the external herbs for the body. He was making correlations I’ve never heard before. He was giving me an understanding I couldn’t find anywhere else. It was intricate with moving pictures and diagrams. I still regret not jumping up and writing every single detail down, but it felt like the thoughts and ideas downloaded into my bones and into my DNA. At the time I was dealing with failing health from Chron’s disease, so all of the teachings of these spiritual masters helped me to heal myself.

When did you know you had a passion for entrepreneurship?
It was written before I was born family.

You released a project, The Coma this past year and it reached #67 on the radio charts. How does such an accomplishment make you feel about yourself and your work?

The coma is #56 this week. It jumped 11 points on the global charts. The Coma is a tool to help wake up mankind. It was created and designed in the same manner I make my jewelry. It’s an alchemical creation the world needs to hear. It’s medicine. The world needs that and the Spirit of God is promoting it at this point. I’m grateful to those obedient to the Spirit, but this is one of those things that was written in my DNA before my birth. I’m thankful and grateful to be used in such a way.

How did you come up with the content and production to make great body of work that stands on its own without very much advertisement?

The Coma was the vibe at the time. It was the rumblings of the Spirit within me. I listen. I obey. I write it down. I record it. I’m watching this play out just like everyone else. The next records rumble quiet within me until it is time to spill them out.

Will there be any videos dropping for the project?

Yes. I’m shooting The Coma video shortly and I’m sure I will have lots of videos in the near future.

As many people already know besides being a music artist you’re a jewelry maker using natural crystals, how did you get into the business?

Fighting chron’s disease. Doctors wanted to cut out parts of my intestines, so for years I was frantically studying everything occult, everything crystal, and everything energy. At a certain point, all of my experiences were playing out in the work of my hands, and my work was eventually so good it didn’t make sense to do anything else.

#Alphaclient @train_with_fabian

What are some of the differences you have experienced between working for somebody else and working for yourself?

“Jobs and work”. It is all to keep in step and rhythm with the earth. How you keep rhythm is up to you, but in most of my jobs, i was out of rhythm because the overall job was set towards imbalance. Whether I was selling loans or selling whatever. Most of what I was doing was only helping myself or my employer. Working for myself I am able to set the tone for my business and focus on servicing the higher faculties in others. This has bought me a contentment. It’s not cool when funds get low, but if a man falls destitute, it is because he himself has become destitute; within his own actions, within his own habits and mind. If I fall short its because I have fallen short. That’s the difference. No one to lean on when i’m tired or when I don’t “feel” like it. I gotta make it happen or don’t eat. That’s the difference. My response and ability is all in my hands.

How many crystals and stones have you worked with and studied?

Im releasing an app shortly. It has over 150 crystals that I have personally used, all the Crystals I have tested, worn, and have a deep personal knowledge of.

You have created a unique crystal item I’ve never seen or heard of from any other crystal jewelry makers or sellers almost like a watch, how do you come about the creation of this item?

Yea it looks like a watch, but it’s not. I’ve been thinking about doing a watch like this for a while tho’, Lol. I’ma keep it in mind.

What great advice and words of wisdom can you offer our readers and future entrepreneurs?

If a man falls in to destitute it is because he has not learned to GATHER. The abundance of the earth flees no man willing to seek it. Go get it and bring it forth as a service unto your brother.
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