Loyalty just needs a little bit of your time I promise I’ll be worth it after all you manifested me

Ginajay Peace Queen To the world I am Loyalty now as we embark on this journey 1st wash your hands with cold water it instantly strips spiritual dirt away then off with your shoes relax .The only reason I don’t work a 9 to 5 is because the 40-40-40 rule work 40 hours a week for 40 years then retire earning 40% of your wages . Running your own business is tough I’m a psychic my site is ( galacticpsychic.com) me and my son started a clothing line 9@theblexcellence.com instagram is blexcellence_. So back to why your shoes are off you walk everywhere during the course of your day you walk over so many negative vibes so don’t bring them in your home get a shoe rack keep some house shoes by the door for you and company physical dirt from the bottom of you & guests shoes Will ruin your carpets or floors spiritual influences of negativity are left in your home far after your company leaves. Now get a nice glass of lime water and close your eyes .Induce Alpha by curling your eyes up in your head where only the whites of your eyes show and program yourself say I receive all positive information from loyalty I am no longer concerned with letdowns or lies from people in my past I embrace my elegant tomorrow now I love myself so much now you are ready for sandalwood incense light it up . Sandalwood brings wealth & most important a wealthy mindset. Now release the burdens of hate who ever and why ever tell your new self I’m too busy loving on me to hate anything and smile let me take that hate from you now your light as a feather now we can communicate feel my hand as our spirits shake hands and hug . Remember not only have you made it this far in life you won before hand life’s race you are sperm you beat 99,999,999 million other sperm cell to make to our world each sperm was in your likeness some male some female yet you made it you came out a winner!!!! Our parents and friends teach us fear and failure with their beliefs and religions Remember if it’s not your ideal life your living become the powerful sperm again and win !!! Actually see your self as that tiny sperm battling and refusing to quit. When we spoke on inducing Alpha a good book is by Jess Stern the power of Alpha Thinking. Hey friend how are you block the noises out demand personal time tell the family I’m communicating with an old friend. I want you to not only win I want you to love you love the winner in you sure we know the pain now we are friends our friendship includes embracing the winner in you . So jump out the bed left foot first it’s your heart side your sending signals that your whole day is filled with love & power! Sprinkle some lemon grass over some water let it sit room temp water for 10 minutes then drinks it boosts your immune system up so much. To induce a normal blood pressure reading drink clove tea mixed with 1/2 cup of milk almond or coconut or regular milk look as we are vitamin D deficient we need vitamin D to make vitamin D effective take it with vitamin k-2. Now before you go to bed get either 1/2 or whole teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk cold hot or warm you can add black pepper to introduce it into the system if black pepper is available use what you have before bed it fights all inflammatory problems in the body your temple fights like a warrior to heal you while your sleep. The fact that your on here with the Queen Ginajay is utterly amazing so I’m going all out .Before you leave your house pour libations out to all your loved ones you’ve lost and to ancient ancestors Nipsey Hustle you will feel their energy with you make a request as you do so.I pray that you realize this is not normal Queen Ginajay is such a Powerful beam of light in my life the force behind change the molecular make up of you can do it you will do it. My last day at my 9 to 5 I left on my lunch break I was in collections I would call you and lie about how we would take you to court garnish your wages by time I was done you would have thought you were a fugitive one day I called an elderly sister and forced her to pay her bill with her last bit of money went to my car and cried on break I’m a warrior no tears over here ever somehow I believed without this job I would die child support bills car insurance I was stressed. I went on my lunch break into Camden New Jersey a book store called la unique cultural books and museum and brought a book called the Egyptian book of the dead by Dr Muata Abhaya Ashby then flew back to work I was late every day to the job from break but never late leaving or going to break . I rushed back so much so quickly I forgot I left the book on my roof of my car I worked in Cherryhill New Jersey and drove from Camden google the distance to rt 70 a few cars beeped at me I had no clue why then a white woman beeped and drove after me I pulled over she said something flew off your car I looked around where’s my book I spotted said thank you a white man ran it over ripping the back page off I picked it up other than the tire marks and back cover it was fine I taped it up instantly it resembled a scroll this book is so deep you have to read a prayer inside before you continue to read it I quit my job that day and my life was never the same . So if you ever get harassed by bill collectors tell them this this is the 10 th call I have received I’m aware that 10 calls gets me a lawsuit of $10,000 tell it to the supervisor once you ask for one they will more than likely hang up so call back you won’t receive anymore calls unless laws in your area are different if so look the harassment laws by bill collectors it really works .Now if you want to increase your spirituality quickly get two quartz crystals before you sleep put one crystal in each hand the magic is waking up with both in each hand keep doing it until you wake up every day with each in your hand oh my goodness this technique is powerful watch. Oh yeah when you buy your candles first run cold water over them then peel off any stickers then take a knife scratch off anything to do with the company with the tip of the knife 🔪 glass pull out are the best. Grab a black permanent sharpie and write your goals on it take a pencil carve your request on the candle be happy smile cook with a smile it makes your food taste better. Remember this no man or woman broke up with you not did they cheat on you your energy pushed them away because you needed better with your life your energy did that !! This has been a wonderful journey I appreciate your time peace Queen Ginajay big screen here comes the Queen. from Loyalty Ancesters & the universe May you fall completely InloveLoya with tomorrow because tomorrow is completely inlove with you . Maat Hotep

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