Weed Wednesday: What’s Caviar Gold? 

What you need to know about Caviar Gold and how their dedicated to providing the best Cannabis medicine products on earth. Their  proprietary Co2 extraction process provides quality, consistency, and the ability to serve specific conditions with appropriate dosage. * Consult your physician for dosage recommendation.
They promise to continue to provide the highest quality products to legal medical cannabis dispensaries and ensure quality through testing for potency, micro-biological screening, and pesticide residue screening all our products through SC Labs. My favorite Caviar Gold Product is the Cavi Cones! Next time your in a collective give em a go! Check out their Caviar Clothing apparel now,  and if you got a ear for High Hippidie tunes, Caviar provides that to visit all hyperlinks now!


Cavi Cones
Cavair Gold
Creator Cavi Mike

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