Dental Exams Are A Must! 


 Recently having a oral surgery myself, I want my readers that hate the dentist to take heed, save face, get an exam. Dental visits only become costly the longer you wait, the pain in your head and pocket double. Conquer your fears dentist have changed these days. Outside of your regular hygiene rituals such as flossing, brushing, and xtreme rinising, remember checkups are definitely necessary! Locate a dentist office near you, and invest in your pearly whites. 


~BSideShow~ Celebrates their 5th Anniversary w/ past Guest

Bside 5th anniversary show

Hope you tuned into the BSideShow.Net Monday night @ 9pm. Don’t forget they air every Monday so HipHop junkies keep up. Be sure you go get a dose of their great Vibes. Last night was a special show, I personally wanna thank one of the most humbled Host in the game, Rabbeeto! He invited me and StoneyThaDealer out to celebrate their 5 year anniversary, and their beautiful Host Susie Plascencia Bday. Shoutout to her for sharing her life history with BSide’s that night. Previous guest all stood in attendance as we Recapped back thru the years of several special occasions with special guests on prior shows. Supported and  surrounded by artist, friends and family during the celebration. The resident Dj mixed it down along with a Number of other Dope DJ’s who showed up, killed some spin offs. Did you miss it? Welp lucky for you its archived on their site at Www.bsideshow.Net Support!

check em out

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