Are You Really Surprised?

In recent news most of our beliefs have been confirmed with more evidence of the racist white supremacist justice system with the Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict. Not to my personal or most of my constituents surprise but still to the general public they’re shocked & outraged at the verdict, but why? Most people are taught & raised to believe in the justice and legal system of America because the truth shall rain supreme above all but in the 10 years we’ve witnessed very different under this microscope. From Trayvon Martin to Kyle Rittenhouse both 17 year old minors involved in murder cases/trials but on opposite spectrums in more ways than one see we have a young black male who was a victim and then we have a young white male the assailant. Trayvon Martin’s life was taken because of prejudice/racism in a community in which the killer was found innocent because Trayvon defended himself & had to much melanin to be considered a man maybe just 3/5 is what they say, but Kyle Rittenhouse who was carrying a weapon & murdered 2 while injuring a 3rd was found not guilty because of self defense referrals but ran towards danger and antagonized the people he wounded. Still no proper justice was served in either case but we the people know the truth and refuse to falsely believe in the hypocrisy of the law & legal system anymore and should solely resort to street justice until we overthrow this system that doesn’t serve us and have it fully abolished.
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