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Cannabis connoisseur and owner of Purple Rose Supply, Sid, saw his first cannabis cigar, also known as a cannagar, on Instagram in 2016. From that moment on he was immediately hooked.
“My combined love of cannabis and cigars made me feel like I had to get my hands on one,” Sid explained. “When I tried to buy one; however, I realized they cost a few hundred dollars and were only sold in Washington at the time. You can call it a lack of class or being cheap, but I’ve always been a no-frills kind of guy that generally stays away from exclusivity and eliteness. I loved the concept of smoking a cannagar but didn’t want to pay the high price tag so my only option was to learn how to make them myself.”

After deciding not to pay the hefty pricey, Sid took it upon himself to research cannagars and its predecessor Thai Sticks. He learned the current process was extremely outdated. It involved a lot of patience and practice putting cannabis on a skewer and tying it very tightly.

“I could barely get it to work and it never looked anything like the ones I saw online. I needed a more efficient way to create cannagars, which is how the idea of our CannaMold was created. I developed a rough prototype and it worked like a charm.”
It felt like Sid had cracked the code. He now had his own super easy way of creating an expensive product at a fraction of the price. He was happy but still bothered with the high price tag of pre-made cannagars and the way they were being marketed.
“Luxury”, “1%”, and “elite” were the words he kept seeing associated with all cannagars. This is not what he thought of when he thinks of cannabis. In his mind, it should always be inclusive.
Sid wanted to make cannagars affordable and accessible, so he created Purple Rose Supply and embedded his personal values into the company’s mission of, “creating products that give people the best smoking experience possible without breaking the bank.”
I recently caught up with Sid where he chatted more about his inspiration behind the brand. Check out the interview below:
Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?
For the first half of my life, I was mainly raised by my older cousins and the lessons they taught me affected me every single day. From as early on as I could remember they never let me say  “I can’t” or “It’s too hard”. My oldest cousin coached a lot of sports and the other one was a star athlete, so they made sure I knew what it meant to have heart. They constantly pushed me beyond my limits and showed me that even when I think I’m done, I could always push even harder. For better or worse, this type of grit and determination has gotten me to where I am now.
My other inspiration is my Dad. He’s the most level-headed person I know and through him I’ve learned being strong is more than just brute force, it’s also compassion and treating others with respect.
How old were you when you first started smoking marijuana?
I started smoking cannabis when I was 13-years old and it’s been love at first inhale ever since!
When did you develop the passion to get into the Cannabis and cannabis accessories industry?
I’ve always loved and advocated for cannabis from an early age. With the recent legalization and change in public perception, I realized I could make a career out of something I’m so passionate about. The industry has come a long way, but we definitely need to go a lot further.
What inspired you to make such an impactful product like a cannagar making kit?
I’ve touched on this in an earlier answer, but it’s really due to my beliefs. I don’t like when people make things exclusive or act as if they’re better than anyone because they have a little more money or status. It hit a nerve when I saw the price and marketing for pre-made cannagars. Cannagars are definitely an amazing experience, but I don’t believe it’s something that should be reserved for people that can drop $200+ on a single smoke session.
I understand the artistry that goes into making them, and I’m not trying to hate if people want to drop crazy amounts of money on them, but I believe everyone should get to enjoy them.
People can buy an expensive pre-rolled joint with some high-quality product or they can just roll their own. Why shouldn’t it be the same for cannagars? I want to give people the option and hopefully, one-day cannagars will be enjoyed as regularly as joints and blunts.
Can you walk us through the process of developing your unique kit?
Once I had the rough idea, it was a lot of testing and surveys that got us to the product we have now. I created the design, tested it myself and later asked friends for some product feedback. I would use their feedback to create the next design and from there it was rinse and repeat.
How long did it take you and your team to develop the perfect kit?
It took about two years to get where we are with our latest model. It was moving really slowly at first because I was just doing it for myself. I had a few friends that would help with the design and iterations, but once I decided I wanted to share this with others, I taught myself how to design via YouTube and bought a 3D printer. From there, things moved a lot quicker and I finished the designs for our G2 CannaMold by 2018.
Once I had the designs, I had to secure funds so I could manufacture the product to produce some high-quality goods for everyone.
Could you tell us the process/procedure for properly using the kit and getting a perfect cannagar?
Step 1: Assemble your CannaMold by closing the latch and inserting the skewer through the bottom hole. Put a small amount of ground up flower into the funnel and tap it so it goes all the way down the mold cavity. This part is really important, press down firmly on the packing tool so your flower is compressed tightly. Repeat this process until your CannaMold is full
Step 2: Store your packed CannaMold in a cool dry place for at least 3 hours. I always do mine overnight, then roll them when I wake up. This storing process gives the cannabis time to mold together and cure for a smoother smoke.
Step 3: After storing your CannaMold you can unlatch it and carefully remove your cannagar core. From here, you can get creative and top it off with whatever concentrates you’re feeling. When it comes to rolling cannagars, they’re traditionally rolled in cannabis leaf, but not everyone has access to that. We want to make cannagars as accessible as possible, so our cannagar cores allow our customers to roll with whatever wrap they want.
Step 4: After rolling your cannagar, simply light and enjoy. We also include a wooden tip to throw on the cannagars to make it easier to smoke.
How many products does your brand make and sale?
We currently sell our generation 1 and generation 2 CannaMolds in 2 different sizes: small and large. The small holds between 3.5-7 grams and the large holds 12-15 grams.
What great advice and words of wisdom can you offer our readers and Cannabis enthusiasts?
At the end of the day, we’re all people. We all deserve to enjoy a great experience whether or not we have hundreds to throw away on a single smoke session.
To learn more about Purple Rose Supply, visit purplerosesupply.com.


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Weed Wednesday: Recently Reported on Fox11/13 News

TAMPA (FOX 13) REPORTS – You know the federal government bans marijuana, and that a medical marijuana referendum in Florida failed last year. But you may not know that the U.S. government still provides marijuana to people in Florida. All starting in with a man named Bob Randall, who successfully argued for medical marijuana in court and received it as part of a legal settlement.Back In 1978, the United States started the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program. It provides medicinal marijuana to people with serious health problems for life. Two Florida Residents get free marijuana for life, While the George H.W. Bush administration closed enrollment in 1992, people in this program are still receiving monthly shipments. The FDA would not say how many people who joined this program are still living. They found records leading to four, including two people in Florida: Irvin Rosenfeld and Elvy Musikka.

Tin Can filled with Marijuana cigarettes Provided by the Gov .


 “The United States federal government has been supplying me 10 marijuana cigarettes per day for almost 33 years, and in the same vein arresting people for possessing marijuana they give me for medical use,” said Rosenfeld, who began receiving medical cannabis under this program in 1982.

Their marijuana is grown in a secured facility at the University of Mississippi. Mr.Rosenfeld uses it to treat a rare bone tumor disorder.  Mrs. Musikka uses it to treat her glaucoma, for the past 27 years. Both receive a tin of marijuana each a month, and are instructed to use 10 marijuana cigarettes a day. They both say it works for them and that they’ve been stopped by law enforcement officers who are unaware of their legal right to use and possess it, What do you do when the goverment supplies it??? Lets Legalize Medical Cannabis.

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