Love Me Nina

Underrated some of the most hated niggas arrived to early just ahead of the conscious curve, this is our plight just wanting more than a acknowledgement we’re gifted and black mastering crafts investing in ourselves our only stock.

We just want to be black and legendary only expressing the real raw us in a class such as Malcolm, Kanye, Wale, Me, and You some of the most outspoken words full of emotions the most potent so we’ll never be alone.

Shoot from the same guns but you get a different perspective if you’re the semi-automatic I must be the Glock, they refuse to accept what’s uniquely different but if everyone got sprayed it would be to much of a culture shock.

Our personalities complicated but the only ones seeking resolution surpassed by no other civilization descendants of kings and queens, as you desensitize as they’re killing our children we pledge to use our words to disarm the the stigma by any means necessary until we get called where we get praised more after we physically fade home only realizing to the world we’re a loan.


Growth I knew my story wasn’t finished I use to beat the pavement my home and solace was the corner, the place we ate broke bread with all our meals no matter how frigid the temperature made us feel all we wanted to do was post up and chill blunt after blunt we became stoners.

I turned to my ancestors for strength and guidance surviving lashing, lynching, hosing, and sit ins irony we stood up to adversity battling underhanded government tricks to my mentor the revolution will not be hidden.

Like all other leaders we suffer peacefully alone the things you don’t see the stress, the ware and tare on our mental health, the establishment’s persistence of resistance, and the supporters chants no time for compromise but I lay bare on the cross a loner.

I write, speak, and fight for the best culture, history, and poetry that has not yet been written.


Violence begets more violence it has never solved anything just the foundation of hate use your weapons let’s show our real strength with a good progressive intellectual debate.

Is it beyond our belief to value our lives as of now our worth seems less than slaves with tattered rags getting beat with cow hyde, the ghetto a place we now subside darkness and frigid love what’s necessary is light and knowledge from above to bring prominence back.

Before gentrification brought along the mass murder escalation we had a strong connection didn’t need a gun and to kill for certification or a colored rag for verification confused rebels of an oppressed nation eternally stuck in the house nigga mind state.

Can we put the guns down aren’t you tired of seeing your children sad face with a frown watching his or her friend lay lifeless on the ground? We can take it back before crack restore conviction in our faith and pride when we defined and represented black.

Liberty or Death

People in blue believed we can trust to protect and serve but every other day a death because of bad nerves, is the future doomed liked the past allowing the so called law to run a muck?

Dry your eyes don’t weep for me my life is fulfilled with the life of my nephew a true blessing, if for any shed a tear for those who knock at death’s door and intentions were never pure.

This poem paints pictures of visions so listen closely don’t approach me, anxiety of a revolutionary unforgettable legacy one those people in blue couldn’t ignore or destruct.

Let’s change this sad song, start with our tone followed by the rhythm, we must infiltrate and reconstruct the system because only equality and justice can be the cure!

Taken By Hate

Walking down the street day or night,
Without staring eyes in any let alone my own neighborhood,
I can’t relate.
Unnecessary gestures stopped and thrown to the ground because the skin I’m in
Our worldly sin,
Opposed by politicians and presidents who were Klu Klux Klan.
Committing crimes some as worse as treason,
A bitter and dark feeling for no apparent reason,
And no time for the non existence racial debates when our leaders suffer death as fate.
Killed with no repercussion,
Slaughtered by the masses like beef or lamb,
Inequality is real,
Murdered on camera.
No justice served,
But I gotta remember for 400 years,
We’ve only been 3/5 of a man.
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